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Business is a game. That’s why it involves a lot of competition. Every business fighting to occupy the biggest percentage of the market share is a common thing. In every competition, there is always the top dog and the underdog, which brings us to this question. What is a trading edge?

A trading edge is a strategy that gives your business a cash advantage over your competitors. Most successful entrepreneurs have the trading edges that make them blossom amid all the competition.

Gambling is also a business. You get to invest your capital, right? In gambling, players also have gaming edges that help them survive and become the last ones standing. Gambling is a game of chance. However, taking chances with huge stakes may not be the best risk to take. In case you stake your whole life’s savings, you can’t afford to lose the bet. It may drive you crazy.

For this reason, a small edge may save your money and make you even richer.

Ever heard of the MIT Blackjack Team? It was a team made up of students and former students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Harvard Business School and many other top colleges in the United States. This group was popular for the use of card counting techniques and other approaches to win big in the casino’s Blackjack worldwide.

Their gaming edge gave them the advantage of beating casinos right from the late ’70s to the early 21st century. For such a long time, they remained the best in the casino Blackjack. This motivated the sprouting of other numerous Blackjack teams throughout the globe.

In 1979, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission gave a ruling that forbade all Atlantic City casinos from banning card counters. This created the perfect opportunity for one professional Blackjack player to recruit card counting students for a Blackjack course. This later grew into the MIT Blackjack Team and they started winning over and over.

The team can confirm that a small edge can result in a massive win. But how did they arrive at their trading edge? This leaves us with the question of how to build a trading edge. Read on to find out how.

How to Build a Gaming Edge

Finding a secret that keeps your business on its feet may take some time. Hence, patience is key. These are the basic steps to developing your trading edge, both in gambling and any other business.

1. Learn the game

Knowing how to play the game without an edge is the first step to becoming a gambling guru. You need gaming skills. Therefore, work on sharpening them to make sure you can still win even when the playground is leveled. An edge is only an added advantage.

2. Learn different strategies

Every game always has acceptable strategies that can help you win. For instance, Blackjack has The Basic Strategy, no bust strategy, Martingale System, and more. Take your time to study them thoroughly and have all the winning hacks at your fingertips. Finally, settle on the strategies that prove to be the most effective for your business.

3. Perfect on your chosen strategies

You’ve now found what can possibly work for the best interest of your business. What next? Perfect it. Make sure you spend a lot of time and resources to learn your chosen strategies so that you can have the entire prowess you need. Precisely, learn how to put your edge into practice.

4. Put your tools in place

With an established strategy, what else do you need? Well, gambling takes more than just learning a strategy. Find out what more tools you need for a successful gambling endeavor. If it means downloading different gaming apps for practice, go for it. Spend more time at the gambling table, learning from others, before you can finally unleash your missile.

5. Track your results

Is your trading edge working for you? You need to record every time you play. More wins than losses will prove that it is definitely working. If it is the opposite, then try to find another strategy or simply improve your skills.

6. Revise your strategies

As much as you’re trying to win, your competitors are not sleeping either. Sooner or later, they may have the gaming edge and drive you into being the underdog. Make sure you keep your skills updated. Even if it means adding more strategies, do it.

Over to You

Having a gaming edge will help you keep winning. Note that you must also be patient since your edge may not work immediately. A little patience and a few tricks could make you the most successful gambler ever.

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