Shane Kersh – Top Tips on Launching Your Own Blog 

Blogging is a great way to express yourself creatively and build a community around a passion which you have, you may even be able to make some money from doing it. My friend Shane Kersh has been running his own travel blog for around 3 years now and he has started to make some serious money and get some great benefits because of this. If you have an interest in setting up your own blog then here are some tips which may help you get it off the ground and find some success like Shane has. 

Picking a Niche

As tempting as it is to create a blog about your life or about a general subject, this isn’t something which is advisable as it is very difficult to find any real success when you follow this theme. The best option is to pick a niche topic, something which you are passionate about, like Shane did with his travel blog. The reason for this is that with a niche topic you are far more likely to get a more loyal viewership, as people want to see you talk about something which they also have a passion for. 

Content and Beauty 

When it comes to designing your blog it is important that you do all that you can to make it look amazing. If you have no idea how to design a website then many of the website builders like WordPress have easy to use tools that can help you to get the site that you want. One of the single most important things to think about when you are blogging is the quality of your content, even when you are only getting a handful of viewers, you must focus heavily on creating high-quality content. Good content should give your readers something of value, it should be easy to digest and it should make them want to come back to your blog again. A blog’s success will quite literally live or die based on the quality of content which it produces. 


Nobody is going to just run up at the blog you have created, you must also focus on bringing people to the blog and the best way that Shane found to do this was through sharing content on social media channels. You can focus on sharing this with your friends or you can also utilize topical hashtags to really drive people to your website. The key is getting them there so that they can see what you are able to offer them, assuming you have focused hard on the content of your website you should be able to trust that they will continue to come back and visit your site. 

There are so many benefits of having a blog from making money to making friends, this is a fun pursuit and one which you will certainly get a lot from.