Shake it and wobble

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There is a track in my Zumba class where I always tell everyone to ‘shake it’ and I mean ‘shake it’ – that is, shake everything – boobs, bum, tummy – all the bits that wobble must shake to rhythm.

To show them I was indeed shaking it, I pulled up my top to show them my tummy wobbling….not sure how this went down. Some were perhaps put off, others were grateful that I too had wobbly bits during the shaking. For myself, it was a bit grotesque to see everything wobbling that I don’t want to be wobbling. But, all said and done, it’s a good incentive to move more.

Road trip indulgence

I have indulged this weekend, there is no doubt. Brunches, lunches, and a couple of glasses of sparkly. And I can really feel the difference. I put on my workout gear and it felt tight and uncomfortable. I seem to be going to the wrong way.

The problem with a road trip is that during it you eat to pass the time, and then you stop at a restaurant and eat.

This is brunch on Sunday. Yikes!

photo (9)

And what is the deal with grits? It’s like gross, tasteless tapioca.

And who thought maple syrup would go with sausage?

photo (10)

Someone somewhere has taken all my willpower and said to me – eat, eat, eat.

It’s got to change – this fitness thing has to be all or nothing. Goodbye fatty foods, hello greens.

The road trip was interspersed with swimming and walking, but nothing can take away the fact that is was a weekend of indulgence and now I have to BURN IT OFF.