Sgt. Norm Jahn story Part II: How Las Vegas Metro Police destroyed a good cop

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Editor’s Note:  Please read Part 1  EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. Norm Jahn fired after ordered to ‘stop being proactive on vice crimes’.

LAS VEGAS — As we have done in our first story, the Baltimore Post-Examiner is publishing additional unedited Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) memos that document a pattern of harassment and retaliation that Sgt. Norman Jahn endured from 2008 – 2011 at the hands of then-Vice Lt. Karen Hughes and other police officials.  Jahn was enforcing vice crimes as a patrol sergeant on the Las Vegas Strip, per departmental policy and apparently was getting too close for comfort to uncovering corruption within the Vice section.

Sgt. Norm Jahn

The following memos pick up where we left off in our first story:

From: Lt. Hans Walters
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 4:24 AM
To: Capt. Charles Hank
Subject: Norm contact


This is what I wrote in the contact in case you can’t open it.

Today Captain Hank held a meeting with you and me to discuss the working relationship between you and the Vice Section, and the manner which you are to request their response to calls that are vice related or appear to be vice related crimes.

You are to continue to follow the directions as previously outlined on the e-mail from Captain Hank dated 04/11/10 in regard to contacting Vice, and requesting them to respond on all calls that meet response criteria, specifically to contact myself, or in the event I cannot be reached, to contact Captain Hank to determine what action should be taken in order to minimize any conflicts and ensure a proper response.

If you have the need to contact anyone in the Vice Section to share information or request information regarding any vice related crime, the e-mail is to be sent directly to me, or in the event I am off, to Captain Hank.  We will then forward the e-mail to the Vice Section and send the e-mail to all of the personnel in the Vice Section who need to be contacted regarding the topic of the e-mail.

At the end of the meeting you expressed your desire to transfer from CCAC because you said you could not be effective on the Strip and have to work under the constraints in place due to the numerous vice related crimes that you could possibly have to respond to. 

Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank


From: David Lewis
To: Karen Kelley; Gillian Culver; Kelly Popp; Lisa Waller; Charles Hank; Christopher Darcy; Kasey Matthews; Arnelle Brown-Booker; Debra Payton; Wade Zimmerman
Cc: Gary Schofield; Kathy O’Connor; David Lewis; Arlene Kaminsky; Paula Somaduroff; Lisa Waller
Sent: Monday June 21, 2010 17:10:09
Subject: Transfer Order Sgt. Norman Jahn

Effective 6-23-10, Sergeant Norman Jahn, P#2563, will transfer TDY from CCAC/CC14B to NEAC/NE22.  He will be assigned to field duties on that squad while Sergeant Cullison is modified duty.

Lieutenant David Lewis

Patrol Operations Section/Field Training Section


From: Norman Jahn
To: Theodore Moody
Sent: Tuesday, Jun 22, 2010 04:37
Subject: FW: Transfer Order Sgt. Norman Jahn

Assistant Sheriff Moody,

I received the e-mail below when I woke up and checked my e-mail from home yesterday.  I’ve learned that I am being involuntarily transferred to NEAC with one day notice.  The transfer is not even taking place at the end of a pay period.

This involuntary transfer will cost me nearly $400 per month in shift differential.   I will have to travel approximately 25 miles (or more) each way from my home south of Blue Diamond and Durango.  My current squad has 13 members and will apparently be left unsupervised at CCAC so that Sgt. Coday will responsible for supervising 26 officers by himself.  I’m not sure as to why an NEAC squad on dayshift needs a TDY [temporary duty] to cover for a modified duty supervisor as compared to leaving a squad of 13 mostly new officers on graveyard on the Strip without a sergeant.

My lieutenant and I were given zero notice or explanation about this.  Captain Hank and D/C O’Connor show out of office.  I don’t understand the urgency of this transfer or many other aspects of this situation — including the fact that at 7 am on yesterday morning, Lt. Lewis acknowledged my request to be taken off the transfer registry for a transfer to Enterprise Area Command.  By 5 pm he was directing me to a station entirely across the valley with no consideration for my family/personal situation.  I have a wife and daughter that work for the LVMPD.  I have another daughter that works.  They will soon be back in college and I will be trying to teach at CSN for classes that have already been announced in the course catalogue.  I have a mother-in-law going through chemotherapy.  Nobody has shown any concern with any basics courtesy such as a little bit of notice so that I might try to plan just who will need to use what vehicles in my family to get to work or to function on a daily basis.  I didn’t think we treated our people this way.  I can imagine what turmoil this would cause in a family that had infants or small children that needed childcare or in other situations.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be trying to learn what I can do to object to this transfer and to remain at my current assignment.  I don’t have any idea as to whether the PMSA will support me or if they will assist me in any way.  I don’t have much confidence in our association at this time.  I will probably have to retain an employment attorney.

I also want to convey the fact that I believe this is a punitive/disciplinary transfer and that it is being done in retaliation because of two internal affairs complaints which are supposed to be in the investigation stage at this time.  I also expressed diversity/discrimination concerns to Director Norris which he promptly dismissed as not meeting the criteria under the law or his interpretation of the law.  Lt. Karen Hughes has harassed me and interfered with me performing my duties for over 3 years.  Sgt. John Hayes recently told me I could go fuck myself.  Captain Minor and Lt. McCarthy have written me ‘interesting’ e-mails that are now part of the record.  I also learned that the supervisor at Internal Affairs that I have been in touch with for over a year (Sgt. Will Seifert) is being transferred out of Internal Affairs before I’ve been informed of the status/findings on the SOC’s.

I have not engaged in any misconduct.  I have not been disciplined.  I am not aware of any investigations focusing on me.  I have not been ‘noticed’ as a subject of any investigation.  I have just continued to be harassed as I attempt to perform my duties.

And now I am being transferred as a punishment…and if this is not true then it would have been nice to have had some explanation instead of receiving an e-mail.



From: Theodore Moody

Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 8:56 AM

To: Norman Jahn

Subject: Re: Transfer Order Sgt. Norman Jahn

Norm I am stopping this transfer pending return of your chain. I have questions.

I will need to meet directly with them in order to understand the basis for their

decision.  No matter what the outcome, I will ensure they sit with you to discuss

fully. Go to work, be safe, and I will get back to you ASAP.



—–Original Message—-

From: Norman Jahn

Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 8:55 PM

To: Theodore Moody Subject:

RE: Transfer Order Sgt. Norman Jahn

[Assistant] Sheriff, Thank you very much!



From: Theodore Moody

Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 7:40 AM

To: Norman Jahn Subject:

RE: Transfer Order Sgt. Norman Jahn

You’re welcome Norm. They are not back before next week so hang in there and

please try to be patient. I will follow-up ASAP.




Contact Report to Norman Jahn from Captain Charles L. Hank III, July 11, 2010:

On 07/10/10, at approximately 2300 hours, Sgt. Norman Jahn, Deputy Chief

Kathy O’Connor, PMSA Representative Sgt. Noah Grimm and I met to discuss

two emails Sgt. Jahn had sent me on 07/08/10.  In the two emails Sgt. Jahn

requested explanations for why he was considered for an involuntary transfer as

well as why he had been directed to complete Officers’ Reports for two

recent off duty events he had been involved in.

I explained to Sgt. Jahn that I had submitted a request up the chain of command

to administratively transfer him form CCAC due to his ongoing conflicts with Vice

unit personnel.  I explained to Sgt. Jahn that there had been a miscommunication

regarding the administration transfer request and the request should not have

been carried out as it had occurred.  I explained to Sgt. Jahn that the

administrative transfer request and the request should not have been carried out

as it had occurred.  I explained to Sgt. Jahn that the administrative transfer

request had been placed on hold.

In regards to the request to complete the Officer’s Report, Sgt. Jahn indicated

during our meeting that an employee’s involvement in an off-duty event was

based on the fact that he was involved in two incidents on/or about 06/27/10 and

07/04/10 and that I was not aware of any other record of his involvement.  I made

it clear to Sgt. Jahn that the request to have him complete the Officer’s Report

was not made in a discriminating manner.

During this meeting we also discussed the admonishment made to Sergeant John

through the email dated 04/11/10 and the Contact Report dated 05/31/10.  Sgt.

Jahn acknowledged that he disagreed with the admonishment but understood.

Also, during this meeting Sgt. Jahn stated that; “I do not think I can work with

you!”; referring to me.  He also stated that he would like to transfer to Enterprise

Area command.  The meeting concluded on 07/11/10, at approximately 0010 hrs.


Comment: The transfer was placed on hold, not because of anything Hank did but

rather because of Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody’s intervention.




From:                              Noah Grimm []

Sent:                               Thursday, July 15, 2010 2:22 PM

To:                                   Norman Jahn

Subject:                          Fwd: Juvenile Runaway Prostitutes


Hi Norm, I’m in receipt of your email.  Would you be able to send me a copy of the documentation that was given to you reference your being told not to conduct vice related activities?  You can fax it to 384-3024 when you have a chance.


Charles Hank (Screenshot)


From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 8:55 AM
To: Charles Hank
Cc: Hans Walters; Noah Grimm; Kathy O’Connor
Subject: RE: Juvenile Runaway Prostitutes


I apologize for any perception that I was being insubordinate.  My e-mail was sent to my lieutenant, who, to my knowledge, has no idea of why my ‘forced transfer’ was occurring, who has no knowledge of my meeting with you and D/C O’Connor, who has no knowledge of what we discussed at that meeting, and who has no knowledge of my transfer to EAC.  I want to keep him informed since the chain of command is not always followed at our station.  (He and I had no knowledge of the transfer to NEAC).  Lt. Walters will be back from vacation this Friday night.  It is true that I am frustrated…I believe you and I have been under some stress lately, but the person I was communicating to was Lt. Walters.  I will update him in person when he returns.

The last paragraph refers to the MGM and my positive working relationship with them.  The MGM called me the night that Camelia (xxxx) was arrested after going on their property!  I have dealt with security for years.  The last crime (xxxx) committed before she went to prison for a couple of months was last November at the MGM!!!  She did a 414C [larceny from person] and then went into a bathroom at that hotel where she was caught.  I keep in regular contact with MGM security and we are very successful working together.  I have warned them several times since (xxxx) was arrested at the Luxor (and got out of jail).  We have stopped her at least 3 times in the last week…she is preying on tourists and there are zero detectives monitoring this situation.  If you remember, you came in to hold a meeting with me at 0130 hours regarding the Luxor/Camelia (xxxx) situation (as a result of, yet another complaint, by Lt. Hughes) and then that meeting was trumped by the $40,000 call at the Bellagio.

The reference to the MGM/(xxxx) arrest also was a result of officers (Arrendale and Bunn) seeing her on the bridge, recognizing her from the Luxor crime and also an arrest at the Bellagio (because she dropped her pants and urinated on the floor in the holding room), calling me to see if I knew she was out of jail and if she might be wanted, calling the MGM to warn them, getting out of their cars and catching her coming out of the MGM, arresting her on a PC arrest, and then notifying me and turning in their reports!

I’ve given the MGM more high quality service than probably anyone has in the past 5 years.  That can be verified with a little bit of follow-up.  I do not believe there is anything that shows manifest disrespect to you or that I am flouting your authority.  The truth is that I’m asking for help – we need to generate an awareness of the severity of the problem and then try to get some help from our administration.

I am sending a copy of this e-mail to PMSA (Noah Grimm) because he sat in on our meeting and because I believe you are harassing me and retaliating against me for various incidents (most recently, the forced transfer that was rescinded by the Assistant Sheriff).

I also have repeatedly requested support from my association in reviewing all of different ‘admonishments’ and Contact Reports that have given me direction and new direction (Stand down on Vice enforcement, No PC Vice arrests, No involvement in calls that are, were, or may be Vice related).  I have tried to argue that these rules are confusing, are not justified, and are not practical (since I supervise 13 people who work the Strip), and they are discriminatory!

No other sergeants that are similarly situated are required to follow these rules.  If PMSA (as an organization) would have had someone walk into your office with a copy of each document that has been delivered to me and asked for clarification and justification and then got back with me it would have been helpful.  It is now too late for that because I am transferring…but I have been told that the Rio, the Palms, the Gold Coast, and the Orleans hotels are all in my new patrol area.  There is a significant amount of prostitution crime in EAC and I expect that I will be allowed to perform all of the duties of a police supervisor at my new area command.

The series of ‘rhetorical’ questions in the last paragraph of my e-mail (directed to my lieutenant) is simply emphasizing the facts about what happened, how we worked as a team (after they developed a little ‘Passion For Policing’ – and paying attention like I have for my job….that is a long way from ‘obsession with prostitutes’…), and I’m emphasizing that we are doing as much as we can in uniforms but where are the other people (Vice) when we have a repeat offender/career criminal out stealing almost every night!

There is no reference to the 3 juvenile prostitutes (all runaways) and the disgraceful destruction of their young lives…which was the title of the e-mail.  Captain, we need the entire administration to know how out-of-control the problem is and what we in patrol are trying to do about it.  But-this huge missing part of the response or solution to the problem is that we need to know who the pimps are that the I-Team may or may not end up identifying.  We need pictures of the pimps all over the walls in the briefing room.  We need training on arresting pimps and the appropriate charges (furnishing transportation, living off the earnings).  We make stops on these guys frequently (even traffic stops) but the ‘turf’ controlled by Vice and their almost absolute lack of sharing and cooperation does not allow us to do our part to destroy this plague on our tourist corridor.

If this Saturday night, Vice was able to tell us who they identified as pimping out these three teens…and told us who was wanted or not, what cars they drive, where they hang out, what girls might be associated with them, the entire CCAC would go crazy to find them and have an impact.  It seems that we are tolerating this stuff because of ‘turf’, lack of cooperation, and the fact that prostitution crime is not important enough to be an action crime.

In conclusion, I wrote to my lieutenant to brag a little bit about the good work that the squad did.  It gets turned into a warning about insubordination and it gets sent to D/C O’Connor.  I respond with this clarification that I do not intend to be insubordinate…and I can’t defend myself unless an investigation is conducted.  I am not circulating it back to Lt. Walters and Noah Grimm (and D/C O’Connor).  The purpose of the e-mail was to show the good work we do and how it is impossible to just ‘cut Norm Jahn out’ of the process.  I didn’t call any of these 6 officers – they called me.  I didn’t call the MGM – they called me.  I have a passion for policing, and I would have loved to have remained on the Strip if I was going to be allowed to do my job.


From: Charles Hank
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 9:09 AM
To: Norman Jahn; Hans Walters
Cc: Kathy O’Connor
Subject: RE: Juvenile Runaway Prostitutes

Sgt. Jahn,
The tone and especially the last paragraph of your email appears to be sarcastic and insubordinate.  I would, am directing you to refrain from sending these types of emails to me, Lt. Walters or any of your superiors.  Thank you, Captain Charles L. Hank III



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 6:40 AM
To: Hans Walters
Cc: Charles Hank
Subject: Juvenile Runaway Prostitutes

Although I did not go on either stop, earlier tonight my squad made contact with two runaways’ from North Las Vegas who were working as prostitutes tonight.  As always, we notified Vice.  Just 30 minutes ago, Officer Guevara and Jimenez made contact with another runaway who is apparently working the Strip as a prostitute.  They notified Vice as well.  Three juvenile prostitutes on the Strip (all runaways) in one night was pretty unusual…but we may have saved them from an ugly situation.  It is highly unlikely that any of the three were out there on their own (a pimp is behind the scenes).  I’ll have more details when the squad comes in for debriefing and I’ll put them in our weekly report.  It is also highly unlikely that they are only out on graveyard shift (they have a better chance of not drawing our attention in the early morning (after curfew ends at 0500).  I’m hoping that dayshift is paying attention to this problem and that maybe Vice is aware that these girls were outside on the streets (dozens of the PT transport arrests are misdemeanors from inside the hotels).  It would be really great if we were working as a team…we spot (or even stop) very young girls who we suspect to be prostitutes…and then get Vice in position to do some felony work…do surveillance after we cite and/or release the girls, follow them to their cars or until they are picked up, run some license plates, follow the cars to some residences, do some follow-up and get to the real evil…the pimps who don’t seem to face much risk …and if they do face a daily risk because of actual enforcement activity…we never are told anything about it!

Also, Camelia (xxxx) is back in the PT right now on her way to CCDC for a PC arrest after Sgt Coday’s uniformed officers spotted her walking into the MGM.  How do you think they know who she is?  Who do you think they called for background information on her?  Who did the MGM call when they learned Terry was on the property?  She was out preying again…remember she said she does pickpockets because she is ‘so good’ at it.  I’m sure the Mr. Bohanon at the MGM would be glad to know that we are really paying attention and preventing crimes on his property.

Comment: Another example of Jahn and his squad protecting lives through good police work, this time three juvenile prostitutes, yet Captain Hank continued to beat this guy down.  Amazing.

From: Hans Walters

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 7:16 PM

To: Norman Jahn

Subject: RE: Caesar’s Palace Trick Roll

I will contact Vice and Lee.  No contact for me, shenanigans afoot!



—–Original Message—–

From: Norman Jahn

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 7:11 PM

To: Hans Walters

Subject: Caesar’s Palace Trick Roll

I sent a few Crime Web pics to Clint over at Caesar’s and it seems that everyone thinks you picked the right girl.  Now the clumsy process of letting Det. Lee know and then letting Vice know so that they might be able to work the case…like maybe they got prints or other evidence…. Det. Bluth is assigned to the case. Nice job LT.  PS-I’d be more than happy to write you a contact report…or, if Captain Hank decided to write you one…do you think he would need to get it approved by D/C O’Connor? I think not.



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2010 9:24 PM
To: Victor Vigna; Gilbert Shannon
Subject: Unfounded

No surprise I guess…my complaint against Karen Hughes was unfounded!  I gave IA both of your names to speak to you about threats and patterns of intimidation etc.  Did they ever talk to you?

Lt. Karen Hughes (LVMPD)


From: Gilbert Shannon
Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 9:50 PM
To: Norman Jahn
Subject: RE: Unfounded

Of course not she is untouchable……….. How does she go into a unit and drive away 45 years of experience and no one even questions her actions?

Comment: Seems like others knew something was amiss with Hughes.  Everyone except Deputy Chief Lombardo and Capt. Hanks that is.  I wonder why that was?



—- Original Message —–

From: Norman Jahn

Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 09:51 PM

To: Matt McCarthy

Subject: SOC vs John Hayes

I was told to “Go Fuck Myself” by Sgt. John Hayes.  My lieutenant submitted an SOC.  My captain had a notepad in his hands and held a meeting with me in which he attempted to gather information on this incident for the purpose of taking action against me.  He showed no concern about investigating the statement that was made to me…until I told him that Lt. Walters had already sent an SOC to Internal Affairs.  I was never interviewed.  I got a letter from I.A. that did not indicate whether Hayes was truthfully admitting to the statement, whether there was any violation of department policy, or what was being done after the conclusion of the investigation-other that he would be spoken to by his supervisor.  I am requesting to view whatever I am allowed to review on this SOC when I visit Internal Affairs to examine other investigative materials, Thank You, Norm



—–Original Message—–
From: Noah Grimm
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 1:30 PM
To: Norman Jahn
Subject: Re:

Hi Norm, I received your email.  I will inquire with IA, but they have no obligation to tell me anything about the case.  IA has a ceiling of 90 days unless there are extenuating circumstances.  It does appear that we are approaching that deadline.  I will let you know if I get any info……



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 8:19 AM
To: Kathy O’Connor
Subject: Jahn Investigation and Transfer and Investigation


The investigation that we discussed in our last meeting with Captain Hank was closed out without me ever being interviewed!  I called it a ‘speculation’ investigation because someone must have speculated that I did something wrong.  Some people were interviewed but nobody ever contacted me.  The SOC was closed out either unfounded or not sustained.  Lt. Coe told me that nothing came of it.  At some point I’m planning to visit Internal Affairs to find out what the allegation actually was and what the official outcome of the investigation was.

As you know, I requested to be transferred from CCAC to EAC because of that investigation and because of the overall experience I had working for Captain Hank at CCAC.  Several days before my transfer went into effect, I was at the station moving and I was not able to leave my keys and digital camera because the lieutenant’s office was locked, and Captain Hank and Deb Payton were not in the office.  Captain Hank then sent me an e-mail with copies to my new lieutenant and to Lt. Walters.  I opened the e-mail at home and was upset that, in my opinion, he was poisoning my new lieutenant by making is look like I was not turning in my equipment.

I clicked reply and then addressed my e-mail to “LT” because I intended to send it to Lt. Walters (my direct supervisor at the time).  My Outlook mailbox was full, so I was unable to send anything until I cleared out some e-mail.  I wrote the e-mail intended for Lt. Walters but had to save it.  After clearing out enough memory to send it, I did send it, but I inadvertently sent it to Captain Hank.  I wrote that I felt that I was being treated like a ‘rabid dog’ and that I was being chased out of the building.  I explained why I was unable to turn in my keys and camera and that it was still several days before my transfer.  I then went on to discuss discrimination issues and disparate treatment that I received from Captain Hank.  I didn’t really want to transfer in the first place…but the harassment got to be out of control and was not stopping.

So, after I was ‘cleared’ of my involvement in two off duty incidents…and after I requested a transfer to avoid further harassment…Captain Hank received my e-mail and sent it off to Internal Affairs because of the ‘insubordinate tone’ of my e-mail.  He knew it was intended for Lt. Walters and I maintain that I was explaining to my supervisor how I felt and also how I was being discriminated against.  As a result of yet another SOC filed by Captain Hank, I ended up having to go to Internal Affairs as the ‘subject’ of an investigation many weeks ago.  Noah Grimm was my PMSA rep and I recently asked him to check into this because of how long it has taken to come to a conclusion.  We still don’t know when we will hear anything.

Lt. Walters has also visited West Charleston (IA/Diversity) to complain about how he is being treated.  He received a contact report because of the contact reports he wrote to me for the good work I had done.  Captain Hank used the word ‘subversive’ in addressing this matter because he felt it did not look good for my supervisor to be praising me for my work that he apparently thought was a problem.  Captain Hank was obviously upset that the two positive contact reports and a very positive voice mail record were provided to Internal Affairs during the speculation investigation.  I feel bad that Lt. Walters is now being punished and harassed for supporting me.  We are both perfectly able to make formal complaints or to seek representation from the PMSA (or to seek advice from private attorneys) …  I was repeatedly told during my only IA ‘subject’ interview that I could file a complaint against Captain Hank and/or Lt. Marshall.  I was holding off on that until the result of their latest investigation comes in because, quite honestly, I don’t have any faith that anything will be done no matter what I facts I put in my complaint.

I know that you have been away from work and I hope that your situation has improved.  I also know that you are no longer Captain Hank’s supervisor…but I did want to give you an update on how I feel that I continue to be stalked from forces at CCAC.

The good news is that I don’t have any Vice problems or any supervisory conflicts in the least here at EAC.  My decision to try to end the conflict and your assistance in getting my to EAC worked out well…but the problems stemming from working for Captain Hank don’t seem to be ending (for me or several other people).

I just wanted to give you an update while I continue to wait for the IA finding.

Norman W. Jahn – Sergeant

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Enterprise Area Command

Comment: This memo is troubling.  Now they were going after Lt. Hans Walters because he was giving Jahn good reports?  So, they were punishing and harassing Walters?  This only confirms that something was wrong within the LVMPD leadership at that time.  It probably was only a coincidence that Hank and Vice Sgt. John Hughes were close friends as several police officers have told the Baltimore Post-Examiner.   Perhaps an investigation initiated on Capt. Hank and others at that time might have uncovered why Hank and others were so hell-bent on going after Sgt. Jahn.


From: Kathy O’Connor
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 3:38 PM
To: Norman Jahn
Subject: RE: Jahn Investigation and Transfer and Investigation

Norm, thank you for following up with this email.  You are right that I am not supervising Charles or assigned to patrol.  I have, however been checking on you to make sure things were going well and I’ve received nothing but good reports.  I’m glad to hear that because you do some great work and I hated to see that overshadowed by supervisory issues.   Many complaints end up being closed out without the officer being interviewed, however I can understand your frustration in this regard.  I’m sure you would have liked to have been able to voice your side.


From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 2:14 PM
To: Hans Walters
Cc: Noah Grimm;

Subject: Lt. Hughes Information and my SOC

In addition to me finding all of the stories in the Review Journal and the Channel 8 website…showing that the VETO program and list have already been widely distributed…I was told by Sgt. Vigna a few minutes ago that Sgt. Charlie Peck was handing out copies to officers in Safe Strip briefing.  I was also told that Vice gives copies to the hotels.

It would appear to me that Lt. Hughes is now trying to harass me with my 6th or 7th captain for no reason!!  If she wants to come up with a possible violation and file an SOC she should do that.  I am waiting for some guidance before I go and file an SOC against her (and her confidentiality and Code of Federal Regulations e-mail).  They blew that a long time ago when everything was put in the news.

I think Lt. Hughes should be monitoring her own people for compliance with her own rules and requirements (and department policy) rather than continuing to stalk and harass me in the workplace.  I have put up with this (and Internal Affairs neglect of duty) for far too long!  Sgt. Will Seifert and Det. Frank Farmer handled my last complaint as ‘unfounded’, but I think that it was ‘influenced’ (Captain Minor and Lt. McCarthy are no longer in IA).


—–Original Message—–
From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 6:48 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: RE: Lt Hughes Information and my SOC

I’m planning to file an SOC after I speak with Noah.  I also did NOT want to cause you more grief…but I’d like a copy of the e-mail that you received from her and showed me the day that they visited Captain Fasulo.  I don ‘t want to get on the captain’s bad side but I’m not going to put up with this stuff with my 6th or 7th captain.  I’ll get with you tomorrow to find out what you can share without them harassing you even more.



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2011 7:21 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: This Morning’s Arrest

Isn’t this yet another outstanding example of timely sharing of information and cooperation (instead of ‘turf’ issues)? It is because TCU is professional, and they have a mission to try to prevent crime or arrest those who commit crimes against our tourists. I have 10 names of detectives who work professionally and effectively solve crimes with me for every one who complains about things like just asking Vice might want to make a VETO list available to our own LVMPD jail?

I don’t know what more that I can do to try to stop the harassment and to counter all of the lies and complaints from Vice…but I do know that I have volumes of evidence of cases solved and you are aware of most of them.  I’ve even helped to solve cases while assigned to EAC.  Clay Howell asked me for information back in October which has now resulted in an arrest and a subpoena for both of us for some ‘drive-by ho’s’ who preyed upon our tourists with impunity.  Does the Sheriff know that how prevalent this stuff is out in CCAC?  Maybe not-since we have not even been able to provide the information (or get action) on the shooting of a soccer coach in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard for heaven’s sakes.  I get more satisfaction out of the truth and real quality service to the community and our tourists than any of the ‘artificial’  and invalid and concocted stuff that we seem to pay attention to.

I think it continues to be at the level of an absolute embarrassment that our policing strategy remained so focused on Action crimes and Action stats (which is how area commanders compete and are rated each week) rather than how many crimes we solved that impacted our tourists and just doing plain quality police work.

Quality and service at the LVMPD?

Do you see these words anywhere in what we are doing or encouraged to do?  It is time to put them on the top of our list…and get some of our police officers jump-started into doing police work again.


From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 4:44 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: Harassment/Retaliation Complaint

As a result of the recent actions taken to damage my career and reputation I have notified OED that I am filing another complaint against Lt. Hughes.  I believe she is retaliating against me because of my previous SOC/Discrimination complaint against her.

I welcome a complete review of all of my recent performance (assisting in solving numerous crimes-including the ones that she has apparently had a problem with.  I also welcome a complete review (including interviewing the captain’s secretary, Officer Colucci, Marci McMahill) about the issue that she raised about the VETO program and having information available to folks at the jail.

I also welcome a complete review of numerous neglect of duty, negligent supervision, and possible misconduct/policy violations that have occurred and that I have attempted to bring to the attention of people who would rather ignore them and focus on me (i.e., the Contact Report that I received after Lt. McDaris complained as well as many other incidents).

I certainly don’t want Officer Johnson to get in any trouble…but what is Lt. McGrath or anyone else going to do about a clear case of ‘dissemination’ of criminal history that we allowed to go out to all of our officers (and an entire Critical Reach distribution list).  If they could find an action that Norm Jahn took like the one that was open for all to see in the briefing room today — Norm Jahn would already be on administrative leave and ‘they’ would be giddy…waiting for their expected results.  This is pathetic!

I’m more than happy to show what e-mails I have circulated, and we can review every word that I have written.  My intent is to fight crime and to share information and to be a ‘change agent’ and an ‘innovator’ …

“Their” intent is to harass, to retaliate, and to destroy people that don’t agree with them and they do this because they have power and rank.  Rank does not mean right!

I hope that many things can be clarified around her ASAP (and this is not the first time I have asked for clarification) …we need to know what is expected regarding the VETO list and many other things.  What are the guidelines for Critical Reach?  Is a BOLO different than a Critical Reach?  Are detectives allowed to send e-mail and circulate information with the intent to solve crimes?  What training or guidelines do detectives have for ‘dissemination’ or sending out pictures of people that are suspected of crimes or that they want to issue warnings on to prevent crimes.

Do they think I won’t review every Critical Reach Alert and find dozens (maybe hundreds) of examples of what certain people want to claim are ‘dissemination’ violations?

For the record, Norm Jahn has never sent out a Critical Reach Alert.  Does Lt. Hughes know that when she complains about me?  Does she read the narrative of the crime reports about her people that are notified that do not respond, does she read the CAD comments about Vice-related calls that her people do not respond to, does her interpretation of P.O. 41-10 (Criminal Case Management) mean that there no other way to interpret it?

I can find several places in the department manual which give patrol/me ‘authority’ to investigate crimes.

Comment: So true, rank does not mean right and further rank doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.  Obviously incompetence was prevalent in LVMPD leadership.  Actually, it’s an insult to the word leadership when referencing those who were in charge at the time.  Wait, some still are!



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 1:14 PM
To: Brian Mildebrandt; Cynthia Wooten; Edward Jones; Jerry MacDonald; Jon Zeh; Russell Lee; William Rader
Cc: Hans Walters
Subject: $25,000 Cash Theft Cosmopolitan 110315-xxxx

Yesterday, Officers Lopez and Flanigan took a report involving two WFA’s who stole $25,000 in cash from a guest at Cosmopolitan under 110315-xxxx.  Retired LVMPD sergeant (Chuck Jones) works as an investigator at the Cosmo now and sent me the attached pictures today.  One girl if described as a very large woman.  I’m not sure if they notified Det. Lee or not.  Vice was notified and indicated that if there was no mention of sex for money it was not theirs….  The guy did say they handed him a drink and the last thing he remembers is falling to sleep.  The girls might not be prostitutes…but the victim was certainly a tourist!!  I’m going to leave the pics in the briefing room to be viewed by other officers or do a Patrol Briefing entry and attach the pics once I find the crime report, so I have all of the details.  ID was called out and processed. Do you recognize them?

Comment: I see that then Tourist Crimes Unit Detective Jon Zeh’s name was cc’ed on the preceding memo.  While I was Director of Security and Surveillance at the then Rivera Hotel and Casino, Jon Zeh was the TCU Detective assigned to our property for tourist related crimes; i.e. room burglars, distract thieves, etc.  Jon was the finest detective I ever had the opportunity to work with over the years.  Jon was aggressive, passionate and one hell of a detective, a cop’s cop.  Without Jon we would not have been able to close out any of our investigations and cases relating to tourist crimes and bring the criminals responsible to justice.  Jon Zeh was top notch.  It was a major loss to the Las Vegas Strip properties when Jon transferred to the Airport Bureau before retiring because of in-house politics. Wherever you are Jon, thanks for everything you did and enjoy your well-deserved retirement, it was a pleasure working with you. (At some point LVMPD brass changed the name of the Tourist Crimes Unit to the Tourist Safety Unit.  Nothing like being politically correct, after all the casino industry wouldn’t want tourists to believe they were the targets of crime.)



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2011 2:24 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: Fighting Crime – Not Just Stats

I’m here on Sunday headed to O.T. at the Mandalay Bay.  Thanks for updating the Patrol Briefing.  This is a good example of what we CAN control with regard to fighting crime…that is doing a quality job and working together with the people that are willing to work together!

I’m trying to come up with a new name for Action meetings (maybe something like Captain’s Competition meetings).  I don’t think I see any compassion or empathy or concern for victims of crimes … it is just about statistics and how good everyone wants to look compared to others.  I’m going to give a final review on my weekly report when I get back tonight…thought I could add some specifics to what we did on our last day of the week on our DP.  I don’t want to just have ‘fluff’ when we were not fluffing at all.



—–Original Message—–
From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 9:01 AM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: Financial Crimes Detective

Steve Sansonetti is a Financial Crimes detective who worked with me at SCAC before he went to the bureau.  Yesterday, he was assigned to work with me at Mandalay Bay.  The first thing he asked me if whether I knew Alesha xxxx?  He has 5 felony charges to place on her for use of a credit card…and Vice had her on the 2nd but did not call him back!!  He also knew the name Tammy xxxx…and he knows a little bit about how active they are.  He wants me to share information on this group and work together to put them to a stop.  How refreshing!!

Any way how long will we keep hearing from virtually everyone that Vice does not cooperate or share information and that they would apparently rather fill the PT with misdemeanor arrests, and gripe about us, than put people in prison…or at least lock them up for a little bit so they can’t keep victimizing tourists.

The evidence of the Vice problem is everywhere – so I have to wonder why they are spending so much time worrying about me, who calls me, who I call, and what cases we solve?

Am I interrupting an ‘enterprise’?


From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 10:39 AM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: FW: $25,000 Cash Theft

I sent this one to my security and surveillance contacts/distribution list that has been so successful in the past.  This is the ‘misconduct’ or conduct that I needed to be counseled for…and received a Contact Report for?

The pictures are from Cosmopolitan (not the LVMPD).  There is no Criminal History Record Information (CHRI).  This is not a Critical Reach Alert.  For the record, I have never done a Critical Reach Alert!

I did call the victim and left a message the morning that Sgt. MacDonald responded to the call and the morning that I offered to come in (on an RDO) and get him the reports that I hand delivered to him when he finished at the Hard Rock.

The victim did call me back a few days later…and I have the e-mail/note that I put in your box indicating that we would have a detective call him back that afternoon.  It turned out that by the time I got downstairs to speak to Sgt. MacDonald about having someone call the victim (after he called me), Jerry said he had to wait until Vice sent the case back to him.  It was sent back something like 6 days after being routed to Vice.

I still welcome Lt. Hughes to file an SOC for any wrongdoing or misconduct so I can defend myself…



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 02:42 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: Norm is Angry and is Going to “Take Others Down with Him”
I just learned from a co-worker that he was asked about how he got along with me and he was cautioned about me being angry and that I was going to be ‘taking people down’ with me.  Is this outrageous or not?  How much of this B.S. has been allowed to spread around here with misinformed ranking personnel?  I’d lay the names on the table but, the way our department works, I’m sure they would target the person who told me about the conversation that he had with his boss. WOW!  And I hope they have my e-mails popping up on their computer at Internal Affairs.  They can follow me, tape me, and continue to target me…but they will have to explain this in the future.  This place is a joke…I’ll keep sending records to Curt Norris and wait for the day that they will open their eyes!



From: Norman Jahn

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 5:35 PM

To: Lt. Hans Walters

Subject: FW: Trick Roll Suspects

This is e-mail below is about that case we talked about on Tuesday (when I noticed the red Charger on that 414 report) and today when we started trying to find out if we, anyone, took a crime report.  I called Records and researched this myself and there does not appear to be any report.  The investigator told me there was no talk of sex for money, the video shows a 414C…therefore there is nothing to indicate that this case is assigned to anyone.

Tony has communicated with Det. Bluth and I have communicated with Tony and Det. Lee.  Since I see that this (below) e-mail was also sent to Lt. Hughes…I’m expecting that I will need to preempt the inevitable complaint that will be coming in from her so you will be able to give them facts at the beginning.  TCU also put out the BOLO on the white truck…that will not get me in trouble.

From: Norm Jahn

Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 11:11 AM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: Neglect of Duty Orders Requested?

Please see attached…is solving a half a dozen felony crimes (could be linked to many more) in a work week not acceptable to this department just because they are not all Action crimes?



From: Norm Jahn []
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 5:45 AM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: Recent Negative Contact Reports

The tone and content of recent negative Contact Reports, where I am characterized as having done something wrong or violated policy is troubling.  I have not violated policy and continue to request that my detractors file SOC’s against me so that we can get facts on the table.  Since there is no investigation of any of the speculation (someone saw me, thinks I might be, heard that I was) that I may have violated policy, and since there is no formal appeal of a Contact Report, I realize that the department is trying to build a case that I have performance problems.  Instead of giving…



From: Norm Jahn
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12:10 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: My SEPF

I’m sure you can tell that my head is not in the game for the lieutenant’s exam tomorrow — and I probably won’t qualify for promotion no matter what happens.  I am requesting that you make me a copy of my SEPF (or let me know when I can come and examine it and make copies).

I was told I had a ‘clean slate’ when I arrived at EAC.  I was told I had a ‘clean slate’ when I arrived back at CCAC.  Captain Fasulo told the PMSA (Lt. Faulis and Sgt. Grimm) that I had a ‘clean slate’ when he met with them after I had been requesting clarification of rules, orders, and admonishments.

I am concerned about Contact Reports and whether they are orders, lawful orders, lawful written orders or just what they are since they do not go to Personnel and since they can be removed from an SEPF.  If I am going to be investigated or held accountable for direction that I was given in a Contact Report then I need to know which ones are in my file and which ones are in effect and which ones are considered lawful orders or directives.

This is very confusing to me and I want you to know that I have been asking for clarification from the PMSA for over two years.



From: Norm Jahn []
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 4:11 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: SOC vs Captain Hank for Non-Reporting of Discrimination Issue

Attachments: SOC vs Hank for non-reporting.doc; Captain HANK RETALIATION 041611 (send to Norris)x.doc; 072910 RE Possible Complaint.txt; 041911 Contact Report Out of Area Command.pdf; 032911 Criminal Case Management.pdf; 030211 Contact Report McDaris.pdf

FYI — How does anyone justify making an announcement at my former area command to report any contact with Sgt. Norm Jahn?  They are looking for something and trying to get from people I formerly worked with or supervised.  This is pathetic.  And I have received no response or no explanation as to why two different sergeants told me about ‘warnings’ they had been given about me.  I think it is time for either the PMSA, OED, or Captain Fasulo’s supervisors to start asking questions.  And the trail of trouble is going to lead right back to Captain Charles Hank and Lt. Karen Hughes.




Contact Report from Lt. Hans Walters to Sgt. Norman Jahn, May 30, 2011:

Due to your knowledge of many of the career criminals targeting tourists along the Strip corridor, and your good working relationships with many of the casino – hotel properties, you have been able to help identify and assist detectives with their investigations.

On 04/14/11 you were approached by Officers Bullard and Skimerton who showed you a still photo of a theft suspect from event 110414-xxxx that occurred at the MGM to a senior citizen.  You immediately recognized the female suspect as Camelia xxxx.  The officers took this information to CCAC TCU Detective Mildebrandt.

On 04/17/11, you were conducting a property visit at the Paris Hotel and investigator Dorethea Stewart of the Paris asked if you were aware of an auto theft on their property involving a white female suspect that was reported under event 110417-xxxx.  You ran the event and discovered that the stolen truck had been recovered on Boulder Highway.  You advised Stewart that a male suspect was in custody and was identified as Justin xxxx.  Stewart checked the Paris records and their records showed that they had information that Justin xxxx had been trespassed from the Imperial Palace in February while in the company of a stolen truck from the Paris to CCAC TCU Detective Mildebrandt.  You took the video of the female driving the stolen truck from the Paris to CCAC TCU Detective Mildebrandt.  You reviewed the Crime Web photo of the female arrested for the weapons crime, Dana xxxx, and reviewed the video of the female driving the stolen truck and both of you and Detective Mildebrandt agreed that the female was Eicher.  The information and video were forwarded to CCAC TCU Detective Fairweather and who was involved in the original weapons arrest at the Imperial Palace.

On 04/25/11 you recognized a female suspect from a video loaded onto the Patrol Briefing line by Officers Shaefer and Jung.  The female involved in the theft under event 110423-xxxx was identified as Shunta xxxx.  You have shown officers Shaefer and Jung just a week prior how to load and enter videos from casino security onto the Patrol Briefing system.  You forwarded the information to CCAC TCU Detective Zeh to conduct his case follow-up.

Officers Flanigan and Lulo were investigating a possible trick roll that occurred at the Paris Hotel under event 110426-xxxx.  Officer Flanigan contacted you and requested you to review a surveillance photo of a female involved in the theft.  You reviewed the image and the female looked familiar.  You reviewed a copy of the VETO list and identified the female as Latoya xxxx.  You forwarded the information to CCAC TCU Detective Mildebrandt to follow up on the case.

You assisted Officers Cole and Pinkard with their initial robbery attempt investigation which occurred under event 110428-xxxx.  The officers contacted you and due to your working relationship with the security staff at Bill’s they e-mailed you the images of the suspects after you called Bill’s and made the request on behalf of the officers.  One of the suspects was immediately identified by CCAC officers from the images you posted on the Patrol Briefing line as Leonardo xxxx.

You are commended for recognizing the active criminals operating in your area, and your information sharing and communication skills.


From: Todd Fasulo-Capt.

Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 11:15 AM

To: Brandon Conk; Brian Kobrys; Chris Petko; Chulawudt Baker; Daniel Alvarado; Donald Evans; Frank Fama; Hans Walters; Harry Demetres; Jason Hansen; Jerome Milton; Jerry MacDonald; John McGrath; Kendall Bell; Michael Game; Michael Yu; Murray Tobiasson; Norman Jahn; Roxanne McDaris; Steve Connell; Thomas Stoll
Cc: Lori Emery; Shannon Rustad
Subject: Action Items for Tuesday

I would like your thoughts on the following three items that I will have to speak about with the Sheriff on Tuesday.

What do you think are the top 3 areas of concern in the community, top 3 areas of concern in the department and top 3 areas of concern within our station?

Please email me your ideas and or opinions.

Captain Todd Fasulo, Convention Center Area Command



From: Norman Jahn
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 3:49 PM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: 7 Months at EAC Didn’t Happen?

Here is an e-mail that I got from D/C O’Connor.  I’ve also attached a Commendable Action that I just asked Captain Dalley to sign from an EAC caper.  I’ve also attached a ‘draft’ of a major robbery series where I spotted the car and my squad and I all helped to stop the series (and we even solved a shooting at a party next door to Sgt. Dumire’s house).

I don’t know how certainly people just think that they can ignore the fact that I transferred away from CCAC to get away from harassment and retaliation from Captain Hank and an unjustified investigation where I was cleared!!

My evaluation makes it look like I only spend time investigating crimes ‘assigned to detectives’ when that has not ever (or very rarely) happened!!!  It is a disgrace that we ignore effective police work because of turf and personality conflicts.  I did not put on a badge to allow criminals to commit crimes that are easily solved because someone does not like me.


There is plenty of ‘performance’ from EAC that occurred between my transfer in July and my transfer back in February.

I work with my officers and help to develop them.  Just ask the squad at EAC that is not hearing trash talk about me.  This is why they do Patrol Briefings and pay attention in briefing and get results.  I worked with my people at CCAC and they still perform at a high level because of the crime fighting motivation that I think they learned from me.

If I am supposed to sit around and do virtually nothing (like others who don’t seem to get as much heat as I do) then I guess that is just not going to happen.

I’m disagreeing with my Performance Evaluation attaching a rebuttal and requesting a review.  Only a coward with no character would accept this document that will destroy any future I have on this department…and I know what is behind all of this!  The Contact Report referring to ‘gross insubordination’ will become part of my complaint when I forward it to Internal Affairs and OED tomorrow.


From: Norman Jahn

Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 8:32 AM
To: Hans Walters
Subject: FW: Action Items for Tuesday

Attachments: Captain’s Meeting.doc
I had some information that I wanted to format and relay to the captain, but it is not done yet.  I announced this to the two squads yesterday and got no input.  I’m assuming that not too many sergeants will be responding.  The ideas that I presented in that 8-9 page document before our first station meeting still apply.  Mostly, I’m afraid that we are focused too much on Action crimes and not enough on violence against tourists (the woman who had her face collapsed with her police officer boyfriend at Bally’s).  The guy who was savagely beaten by the gangster on the sidewalk in front of Paris (I don’t think anyone knows about it at the station—the suspect is local and we should be out hunting for him…I did not get a response from Mike Wallace in gangs but I e-mailed him and also called the MAGIC line to give the suspect’s name and hope that the charges would be upgraded.  The last I checked; it was assigned to a ‘property crimes detective’ so it is likely to fall through the cracks.

I could come up with other recent examples – the police need to take the job more serious; the police need to share information in Patrol Briefing (yet I have still seen no support or requirements from the chain of command here about Patrol Briefing, Critical Reach, etc.)

We have fallen into some bad practices (giving money back on prostitution/escort calls-accepting no prosecution (or encouraging it so that we can get to lunch-other priorities).  There still seems to be a major lack of police presence and enforcement after maybe 0400 …  Mary tells me about all of the crime and suspicious activity but that she can’t get cops to assist.  There absolutely is a lot of predators and crime out there at that time of the morning!!  I think TCU is secured, Vice is not seen – at least not at the Casino Royale, officers are eating or on calls, and dayshift does not log on and go out looking for pickpockets in progress or prevent crimes involving drunk, foreign tourists.

I think the reputation of the Strip is continuing to fall…we need police cameras (or borrow hotel cameras — did anyone ever view that video that I got from the Paris showing the camera capability?  Yesterday, there was a 3-Card Monte call at Bally’s bridge.  Does dispatch know that this is a felony in progress and that the suspects get thousands of dollars from tourists (much more than water vendors)?  I rarely, if ever, hear responding officers calling the hotels and staying on the phone with the people that have video and are watching where the felons flee!  We should have protocol for these types of responses … otherwise the hotels and others just laugh about how the suspects evade the police who do the same thing every time.   We need more plainclothes people (it would be nice to have a pair out and about every shift to ‘spot’ for uniforms.

Just a few thoughts…If I can find my ‘station meeting’ document I’ll attach it.



From: Christopher Darcy

Sent: Wednesday July 20, 2011 10:03 AM

To: Kelly McMahill

Subject: Fw: Captain Fasulo Phone Call

From: Todd Fasulo – Capt.

Sent: Wednesday July 20, 2011 07:03 AM

To: Christopher Darcy; Mike Snyder

Subject: Fw: Captain Fasulo Phone Call

Here is an email that Norm sent to Hans Walters ref my phone call to him.  I’m sure you will need this for his investigations.

Captain Todd Fasulo, Convention Center Area Command

From: Hans Walters

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 06:37

To: Todd Fasulo – Capt.

Subject: Fw: Captain Fasulo Phone Call

I’m up at 0300 – can’t sleep due to thinking about a phone call from Captain Fasulo on the 18th.  This harassment is starting to take a toll on my health and my family.  Why the heck does my wife have to hear from a former Vice detective about all of the trouble that I caused for Vice when she is trying to do her job?

On Monday, I was on my way to a Medal of Valor presentation to two of my officers from EAC.  I nominated them and got them the highest award at the ceremony.  Lori got in touch with me while I was in traffic on I-15 at about 1430 and told me that the captain wanted me in a meeting at 1530.  I told her about the ceremony and that I had an appointment with a real estate attorney about selling my house at 1600 hours and I asked if we could reschedule.  I was on hold for 10 minutes and lost the call.  Lori recalled I was on hold again before I got to hear from the captain.  He was upset because I called some of my officers (Smith and Petty) and Sgt. Demetres after I learned that he was the shift sergeant.  I got yelled at/admonished/threatened again because I guess I’m not supposed to have contact with anyone when I am on R.O.D.?  I was only told to turn in my stuff and call in every morning.  If there are other rules for R.O.D. then this should be announced to us and to the PMSA.  I was told I should not be talking about my situation and I tried to explain who I had called and why I had called them while I was out washing cars in my driveway that morning. It is wrong to care about what is going on with my squad.   I did give a brief explanation of my absence to Lourdes Smith and Sheldon Petty, but the calls took only a few minutes…I’ll provide my phone records if anyone wants to actually get facts on the table. I had a longer conversation with Sgt. Demetres about many things.  We were in the academy together and I feel that he appreciates the ‘orientation/mentoring’ that I have offered since he came to CCAC, and specifically dayshift.  I told him he could call me if any questions came up about my squad but that my department e-mail had been disabled.  I also talked to him about me being in ‘trouble’ and use the example of the threat of gross insubordination for any ‘non-operational’ e-mails.  I told him I had a Contact Report (and I don’t believe that my performance is confidential if I chose to share it).  His response was, “What is non-operational”?  I’ve been asking for clarification of special rules and admonishments at least back until Aril 22nd …5 days before the SOC was filed against me.  I hand delivered a large package to you around the time asked for transfer 95/21/11).  I have received no clarification even though I am following policy for what we do when directives are not understood.

I knew you were on vacation for two weeks and that I had left my green time book last Monday.  You called me to tell me that I needed to turn in my phone.  I did.  I have no idea as to what my squad has or has not been told about my status…but my R.O.D. has absolutely nothing to do with my squad and I don’t know how my presence in the workplace would be detrimental to my squad or the department.  Everyone knows that people have their reputations damaged by the way we handle situations here when there is yet to be produced any evidence of misconduct.

I called Lourdes to find out if she had heard how Dustin was doing in the academy.  We had a ‘going away’ get together for him on the 6th of July and she and I were there with Dustin.  She told me she was off for wisdom teeth removal for her kid, so she didn’t know who was the sergeant on the shift.  We were on the phone less than two minutes.

I nest called Sheldon Petty (we were on the phone around 3 minutes) and he told me that Sgt. Demetres will be filling in for me.  I explained I was on relief of duty because Captain Fasulo had lost confidence in my ability to supervise.  I’m not aware of any admonishments about what we can or can’t say when we are on R.O.D. and I’ve made numerous suggestions to the PMSA recently based on experiences that I have had to endure.

1).  The only active investigation under ‘notice’ and ‘admonishment’ that I am aware of is one where I am the complainant to OED.

2).  If I have been ‘sustained’ on the complaint that you filed against me dated 4/27/11 then it has been ‘adjudicated’.  I was told that this was sustained, and I have the documentation.

3).  I am the complainant to OED/IA as of May for statements being made about me here at CCAC and directions being given to patrol officers about me at EAC (among other things) but I have never been ‘noticed’ or ‘admonished’.  I called to Lt. Tomaino last week to inquire as to the status of my complaint that is almost two months old and he has not replied.

4).  If I am the subject of an investigation for leaving my patrol area on June 30th I can only tell you that I have never been ‘noticed’ or ‘admonished’ and the PMSA has also been waiting for notification on this.

I am writing this with willful knowledge that my e-mails are probably being read and with the opinion that the department is allowing individuals to retaliate against me for complaints I have made.  I believe the department is setting me up for termination and have brought my concerns to outside officials as I seek assistance to stop the unjustified actions taken against me to intimidate me and to violate my rights as an employee and as a citizen.

Sgt. Noah Grimm was supposed to be contacting Captain Fasulo in the after math of the phone call on the 18th but I have had no response which is pretty common from my association.  If I am supposed to sit back and keep getting nailed to the wall based on people tracking me, reading my e-mails, making up rules that apply only to me, not being allowed to communicate in confidence with my supervisor, the PMSA, PEAP, or the attorney that handled my arbitration – I expect that the department has looked at everything – including our preparations for arbitration…and I don’t have any rights as an employee or as a citizen, then I guess I will get fired and tell my story later.



After the first part of this story was published the other day, I received an e-mail from Jim Burke, who had worked at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino as a security shift manager years ago.

Burke wrote, “Norm was a great guy and always helped me when I was on graves. Definitely he was an outstanding officer, a great sergeant and always helpful in any situation.  He helped me more times than I can remember.  If we called, he was there and doing a truly professional investigation.”

I have to wonder how many Contact Reports did LVMPD brass receive over the years in cases of domestic violence, driving while intoxicated, sexual harassment et al, or is it just selective as to who gets investigated by Internal Affairs and who doesn’t.

How did so many within the LVMPD move up in rank when they committed violations of the law and other infractions that they should have been rightly terminated for.

How did Lt. Karen Hughes and her band of corrupt cops go undetected for years without being discovered?

Why was then Hanks, (who is currently assistant sheriff promoted by Joe Lombardo), and others so intent on destroying Jahn, a good cop whose only crime was wanting to protect the public.

Joe Lombardo (screenshot)

Joe Lombardo was in command of Hughes for years. He was fully aware of what was going on between Hughes and Jahn both as a deputy chief and then as an assistant sheriff.  Instead of standing tall and standing up for what was right, Lombardo became complicit in this disgusting charade of leadership.

More revelations forthcoming in the conclusion of this unbelievable saga.

8 thoughts on “Sgt. Norm Jahn story Part II: How Las Vegas Metro Police destroyed a good cop

  • November 28, 2019 at 7:43 PM

    Steve Wolfson is done in my opinion because it’s a patter of behavior. He has covered up the deaths of other people. In addition, all the lawyers are committing arbitration fraud.

  • November 2, 2019 at 6:36 PM

    No doubt about LVMPD being well aware of what was going on. This entire sad affair speaks volumes to questions I (and many others) have had regarding LV’s integrity.

    Unbelievable how they thought this would just go away.

    • November 3, 2019 at 1:50 AM


    • November 3, 2019 at 11:26 PM

      There is no integrity left. US Atty decided to brush it all under the rug, which left all our jaws on the floor. Not to remind everybody that nobody ever got calls from the US Attorneys office from people that were interviewed by FBI. So obviously the US Atty had no intention on doing anything. The people who help these predators in our city to survive put some pressure on him and obvious he has no backbone himself!

      So Wolfson could have stopped a lot of it and didn’t. His office was notified when Fleming was in trial and he turned his head! Wolfson can you explain this one to the media and the public as to why it wasn’t stopped and why you turned your head on things?

  • November 1, 2019 at 4:42 PM

    Did Baughman and the others pay taxes on the money they received from Molly? Doesn’t the criminal division of the IRS usually get involved? The answer is yes most of the time.

  • November 1, 2019 at 4:36 PM

    This all brings another thought. Why is it that everytime a prostitute has been murdered out of Las Vegas the cases are never solved. That’s suspicious in itself.

  • November 1, 2019 at 4:25 PM

    LVMPD obviously knew they had a problem in Vice for years! Employees knew Hughes would target people who didn’t agree with her. She would assign files to her pet pimp who was working for the other pimps so they could get their payoffs right! God forbid if anyone interfered or questioned Queen Bitch Pimp! Neither of them cared about victims or the safety of our tourist who help make this city! And the the US Atty let them off the hook! Shameful!!!!

    Sorry Norm for the BS the webs they spend to cover their asses!

    • November 1, 2019 at 4:29 PM

      Typo: webs they spin! And they do that good, but his time the truth is coming out!! Welcome to sin city where tourist need to watch out for themselves!

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