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Salesforce DX – Build Your Customer Platforms on the No.1 CRM

Salesforce had grown synonymous to trust by offering a platform for the developers to quickly and easily develop and deploy cloud-based applications which are high-performing, secure, flexible, and scalable. Adding to it, the users need to have to worry about any application stacks or costly hardware provisioning to own it.

For quick-start, the platform also offers out-of-the-box development tools and services which helps to automate the business processes and integrate it with external applications. To make the process quicker and easier, Salesforce DX also features many customizable responsive layouts.

Integration with other open frameworks

With the use of Salesforce Platform on Heroku, you can instantly run, deploy, and manage apps which are written in any various open-source languages like Java, PHP, or Ruby on Rails. It is easy to deploy the code using git, and it will enable automatic construction and implementation of the apps. Adding to it, Heroku Enterprise also offers instant collaboration function with additional control features and dedicated enterprise level support.

Top standard, open developer experience

Salesforce DX offers an unmatched developer experience to the users. There are many out-of-the-box solutions which enable you to bring the tools of your choice to meet the specific requirements of various individuals and development teams.

Salesforce DX is built around a very mighty open API based on command line interface, which offers the users more flexibility to construct app features with tools you are used to and love to use. As per experts, you can choose between the conventional hand-coding in a text editor or accessing the convenient advanced integrated development environment.

Packaging reinvented

Salesforce DX puts forth a brand new approach to organize the metadata and effectively distribute the apps. By using managed packages, enterprise level users and associates can have a source-driven approach by automating and running the end-to-end lifecycle in a much more efficient way. The managed packages can take complete advantage of the DX tools, which include:

  • Scratch Orgs
  • Salesforce CLI
  • VS Code etc. to help improve the user experience for developer teams.

Getting started with Salesforce DX

Activating the Salesforce DX tools is very easy and quick. You may simply enable the Dev Hub at the production or in the business org just by searching for “Dev Hub” at the setup and then go for the Enabled option. Along with it, you can also require a 30-day trial org which is offered for free with Dev Hub account. Once it’s done, you can next transition it comfortably to your personal production environment.

AppExchange on Salesforce is an ecosystem for the apps, which features millions of installs and many customer reviews which help the Salesforce users to identify what suits to their business the best. Even if you are looking for internal applications or methods to grow your business by selling apps to external customers, AppExchange can be of help.

Also, by using Lightning over Salesforce Platform, it becomes quicker and easy to deliver even complicated apps with user-friendly and high-performance UX. This is achieved with the aid of reusable building blocks as calendars, buttons, maps, and various input forms. With all these enabled, Salesforce Lightning Design System properly guide the developers on how to do build beautiful as well as functional apps.

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