Ryan Vet to decode global craft beverages with his TV Show Sip’d

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A hot latte at a cafe, a craft cocktail at a new hip bar, or a robust and aged glass of wine at your favorite restaurant, nothing elicits the comfort and enjoyment of a craft beverage. Craft beverages hold an essential place in food culture around the world, and the experiences are worth chasing. With each unique flavor and texture, people can explore a region’s history and culture through its fine crafted beverages. Beverage enthusiast Ryan Vet is on a mission to do just this through his new travel TV show Sip’d.

Premiering early 2020, Sip’d takes viewers on a craft beverage adventure, exploring the artistry and creation of beverages from coffee to wine, beer to gin, and even soda. Exciting as it is creative, Sip’d covers a fun niche category that has yet to be given the credit it deserves. “Whether at home or away, people are always gathering together over craft beverages. It’s a niche category we all enjoy, so why not produce a show about it?” explains Ryan.

When it comes to craft beverages, Ryan is an expert. “I have always been passionate about craft beverages,” states Ryan. “A great beverage can be the focal point of an event or experience.” Inspired by the elegance, creativity, and flair of liquid delights such as coffee, tea, wine, and beer, Ryan wishes to give his audience a travel show with a new spin. “The focus of our show allows us to showcase cafes, distilleries, vineyards, breweries, and other craft beverage establishments to expose our audience to must-visit places while they are on the road.”

Ryan hails from a long career centered on craft beverages. Having received training from both the Court of Sommeliers and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, he launched the multi-location craft beverage lounge The Oak House with a business partner. At multiple locations in North Carolina, the Oak House serves up coffee, beer, wine, and whiskey, alongside artisan small plates and bites.

Sip’d is an exciting opportunity for travel show enthusiasts to delve into things they enjoy daily, opening their minds to the history and culture behind craft beverages. For Ryan, it’s the chance of a lifetime, and he is thrilled to share his passion with his fans. If the show’s Instagram page @sipd.tv is any indication of what’s to come, viewers will be very impressed by the show’s creativity, originality, and its quest for showcasing the most exquisite craft beverages around the world.