Recycling old phones is good for the environment. Gizmogo pays the most

No matter what reason you have for replacing your old phone, remember that its always worth something to somebody. Instead of just dumping it in a drawer think about selling it at for some cash. Your phone and its components are worth more than think!

How can you recycle a phone?

Some people like to keep their old phone as a spare, while others pass it on to friends or family. On the other hand, selling it can give you some cash toward the purchase price of the new one.

Recycling a phone responsibly does definitely not entail throwing it away. The components can leak toxic chemicals into the environment. When the phone is recycled correctly all the components can be re-used. Some phones are also refurbished and sold, even if to you it appears to be well passed its sell-by-date because of its dusty appearance or cracked screen.

Online phone buyers, like are conscious of the environmental impact that electronics have and will help you do your bit for the environment. They will take all electronics off your hands FREE of charge.

Who will buy old phones?

You have quite an option of vendors who buy old phones. Some will offer you credit for future purchases; others offer trade-ins, and then there are those who offer cash on the spot. It is up to you to decide which deal suits you best.

At you are guaranteed to get the highest possible payout for your used phone, and even if it’s not worth anything, you at least know that it will be responsibly recycled.

How much can you get?

The three main factors that will determine how much you can get for your phone are the model, age and condition. Top-of-the-range devices can fetch anything between $300 and $500 online. Of course, the brand-new iPhone 11 would fetch far more on Gizmogo, and at the time of writing, it can fetch anything from $320 to over $945.

Your phone is worth more if:

  1. It’s in good condition
  2. The model is not older than 2 years old
  3. It’s a popular iPhone or Samsung model
  4. Has a high in demand color for that model (black and silver models tend to be the most popular in most models)

Remember: If your phone is still financed by your carrier, you won’t be able to sell.

What else can you sell?

If you are about to sell your old phone, now is the time to spring clean your closets and get rid of other outdated electronics. There is a wide range of electronics that Gizmogo will buy from you. Gather any old tablets, cameras, game consoles, and laptops and see how much cash they can contribute toward your new phone purchase.

Knowing the value of your items

With Gizmogo, you will know exactly how much you will get paid for your used or damaged mobile phone by checking online. At the time of writing, an Apple iPhone XS MAX, which is in a good condition, will sell for $591 on Gizmogo.

How to make sure that you get top dollar for your old phone

Your phone will depreciate in value from the moment that you buy and start using it. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that it will fetch you a better price when you decide to sell:

  1. Protect your phone from dents, cracks, and scratches with a protective case.
  2. The screen is very sensitive and expensive to replace so ensure that it is well protected with a screen protector. They often come in packets of two, and you can sell the spare with your phone if it’s not used.
  3. Keep all the original components of your phone and its box.
  4. Compare the price of repairing a broken screen with what you will get for your phone. It’s often not worth the repair as your phone will still retain some value, even though damaged.
  5. Clean your phone of all grime, with a slightly damp cloth, before selling it.
  6. Protect your identity by backing up your phone and returning it to its factory settings.

Still not sure where to sell your old phone?

There are a lot of websites where you can get offers for your old phone. The include Decluttr, Swappa and Gazelle. Like with, you will find them online, where they will answer your questions and send you their offer according to their criteria. On Swappa you will need to put in a bit more effort and provide them with photos for a listing. With Decluttr your old phone can be turned into cash fast, although it may be slightly less than expected.

Sell your old phone for more with Gizmogo

Still not sure where you can sell your old phone? On you will not only get the best prices for your old phone, but all your other used or damaged electronics too. If your old stuff is worthless, you will still be able to recycle it for free.  Take action now, before your old tech decreases even more in value!