Problems beyond anti-Semitism

Dear Editor,
Is DC Councilmember Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) really anti-Semitic or is he (and seemingly his seven staff members) now just common-place, poorly educated products of the DC public school system that focuses on black history and victimhood at the expense of other racial/ethnic groups and national issues?  There is no doubt that had Trayon and his posse been given a guided tour of the Air and Space Museum, we would have been subjected to yet another series of moronic, pre-pubescent questions and comments about flying machines and exploding firecrackers. 
Trayon is no hate-filled, anti-Semite like Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam or Women’s March Democrats like Tamika Malloy and Linda Sarsour.  Those figures are educated and manipulative players who attempt to use radical means to achieve their anti-democratic goals, even if it requires isolating and demeaning Jews (and whites).  Instead, Trayon is the result of an education system that lacks true diversity and a meaningful academic agenda but is flush with tax dollars (per capita spending) and progressive union overseers.
Think back to the recent Baltimore riots and media interviews of those high school students involved in the chaos. Poorly educated, inarticulate, directionless products of the Baltimore Public School system that rivals DC for students unable to read, write or actually conduct critical thinking and problem-solving.  The end result is “leaders” like Trayon that get elected by using community organizer style over actual substance needed to truly help constituents.  Really pleased Trayon got to “meet a lot of great Jews” at the Holocaust Museum.   God help the Black citizens of Ward 8. 
Brad Botwin
Director, Help Save