Polls show Donald Trump gaining strength with Republicans after Muslim remarks

The condemnation from Republicans officials for Donald Trump over his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country has been near-universal, with party leaders from House Speaker Paul Ryan to former Vice President Dick Cheney rushing to denounce him. But the polls released since his remarks on Monday show him gaining strength with GOP voters.

A FOX News poll conducted Sunday through Tuesday shows Trump with a commanding lead in the important early voting state South Carolina, taking 35 percent support to the runner-up Ben Carson’s 15 percent. More tellingly, the pollsters actually found an 8 percent uptick in Trump’s support in the two days after his anti-Muslim rhetoric received blanket news coverage.

Meanwhile, a poll conducted by Zogby Analytics shows Trump running away with the GOP nomination if it were held today, two days after he made his remarks. The increasingly controversial billionaire leads by 25 points, with support that exceeds the combined support of the next three closest rivals, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz.

The poll was conducted entirely after Trump’s remarks were made public. And while some have disputed the methodology, Zogby’s poll showed Trump’s support at the highest levels the firm has ever measured—in other words, a clear trendline in Trump’s favor after his comments.

There are signs beyond Trump’s own poll numbers showing that his remarks aren’t hurting him with the GOP base. A PulsePoll conducted by Purple Strategies showed that almost two-thirds of Republican voters surveyed agreed with Trump’s position. Meanwhile, the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling tested GOP views on Trump’s rhetoric on Muslims and found that a plurality supported him on the issue.

It’s possible that more nuanced data will emerge in the next few days showing that GOP voters are in fact becoming increasingly wary of Trump—which is clearly the party establishment’s hope, considering the reproving chorus directed at Trump from the GOP elite. Trump’s improved numbers come just hours after a Politico story quoting GOP congressional insiders aired fears of what a bombastic, potentially radioactive Trump nomination could do to the party’s congressional majority in downballot races.

But for now, the pattern in the GOP nomination race that’s held since July is intact. Donald Trump creates controversy by offending a large group of people, earns widespread condemnation from GOP leaders, triggers speculation from pundits that this time, he’s finally gone too far for GOP voters to follow him… and then sees improved polling showing a growing and dominant lead.

If there’s a difference this time, it’s that GOP leaders are far more strident in their pushback against Trump. Dick Cheney said it “goes against everything we stand for.” “This is not conservatism,” Paul Ryan insisted. Jeb Bush, with more than a whiff of desperation, stated, “I can guarantee Donald Trump won’t be the nominee.”

That used to be conventional wisdom. But as the GOP party elders scramble to define conservatism on their own terms, the party base has a different idea. And they look increasingly to give Trump the final say on what conservatism means in America.  


3 thoughts on “Polls show Donald Trump gaining strength with Republicans after Muslim remarks

  • December 11, 2015 at 5:45 PM

    American voters see any funny business in trying to dislodge Donald Trump from
    his forward momentum in winning the Presidency–one whisper, one sleight of
    hand, they will be looking at a mass departure from the GOP establishment. Any
    wrongdoing by the Party of Ronald Reagan will need resuscitating equipment to
    win this election. Trump has pledged not to abscond from the Republican Party,
    but if he is bullied by the elitists he has several avenues to pursue? Why are
    most of the hierarchies in the party so outraged with Donald Trump, because
    dissimilar to them he is not stained by corruption as he beyond their reach and
    cannot be brought and paid for by the rich and powerful donors.

    Trump has a
    god given right to be the nominee for President. And John Kasich like any of
    the GOP hard liners ‘Can go to hell” as Lindsey Graham said about Trump.
    Whatever Trumps character proclaims he has a far decent aura than the
    personages who have led us into this mess. Former House speaker John Brohner
    just gave Obama everything he needed, and including an extreme budget,
    Obamacare and not trying to use the ‘Power of the Congressional Purse’ to end
    Obamas pursuit’s of his executive orders to end the illegal alien invasion.

    The money
    placed into Super PAC’s not only enriches the politicians for campaigns as much
    is used for personal benefits. The top of the league is occupied by Jeb Bush,
    whose numbers has diminished and Hillary Clinton who seems to be bullet proof,
    even though she has a growing compendium of potential criminal afflictions. The
    rest are trailing behind, except for Ted Cruz who has a favorable progression
    among his supporters. It seems to me money buys anything in Congress, including
    a politicians vote on the floor–Democrat or Republican.

    We shouldn’t
    be forgetting that Donald Trump pledges to clean up corporate welfare, the
    movement of large companies moving overseas or central and South America where they can use cheap labor and
    we lose jobs. What is significant is
    Trump is a free trader, but owing to bad previous negotiations–America does not have free trade. This is
    one of the reasons why the GOP establishment hates Trump. All those so called
    multinationals will be paying taxes, to bring their products into the United States of what the people get nothing, a 49
    % tariff on everything from cars; parts to electronic equipment will have to be
    equitable. Companies as Ford, Nabisco and thousand of other American companies
    will arrive back here and all Americans will be gaining in jobs. Our country
    will flourish and as Trump stated “American will be Great Again”.

    We don’t
    need a ‘Shadow Government’ of corporate and Industrial rich controlling
    Washington or our politicians. A Trump Administration means that no foreign
    countries influencing any elected official, or giving lobbyists an inroad of
    privileges for special interests. People in high places as Hillary Clinton has
    a sinister side to her, as her and Bill’s Foundation are involved in procuring
    money whose sources are no so friendly nations. Regular Americans don’t live in
    armed gated communities, high towers, and isolated properties or even on nearby
    islands. We live on savings, society security or hard wages with little over.

    My faith in
    the mainstream media is zero, especially when it’s Corporate and owned by the
    Leftist wealthy? Just as with the major political parties their opinions come
    first before the real news. I depend on ‘One American News Network’ on cable,
    which is free from the spin. Additionally I incorporate my search for the facts
    at the Canadian Free Press. Since my bombardment of the net, cannot help notice
    that my commentary is barred by the Liberal press. LA Times; Chicago Tribune; etc.

    The other
    very serious issue is to scrutinize illegal aliens voting. It’s a felony. But
    it’s overlooked by the courts; a slap on the hand in most cases and very little
    oversight by election committees. Fraudulent elections would have indefinable
    consequences on our Democracy. Non citizens voting in tight races could have an
    effect of an official losing when the votes are counted. People have cheated
    the system by voting in two different counties, even states. We should all be
    nervous specifically with absentee ballots and even manipulated electronic
    voting machines

    Obama thinks
    that every preferential executive order is Constitutional, which just goes to
    show his incompetent temperament. He has ignored the edicts of the
    Constitution. Other than that his advisers, along with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi
    need to be certified and place in an insane asylum. King Obama has failed to
    name the ISIS terrorists, his refusal in sealing
    our borders, using E-Verify so it’s a MANDATORY instrument. These are what both
    political parties could have achieved. These are loopholes that would
    eventually stop the hiring illegal aliens? How quickly foreign nationals will
    leave when no jobs is available and company owners are punished? Both major
    parties have a agenda to bring in either cheap labor or for Democrats more
    future voters.

    I don’t
    trust Obamas government, as they seem aligned more so with different Muslim
    organizations that has been exposed as dissidents. By intimidation they intend
    to control our rights to weapons of any sort. I have taken some precautions for
    my family’s protection by buying a handgun. As a sergeant first class from
    prior wars never thought I would need a handgun, but that is in the works now.
    I do have in my possession a couple of rifles and a shot gun, sitting in a gun
    safe, but small handy pistol is more practical for household defense. Take into
    consideration that this President released from prison thousands of illegal
    aliens, who at this time will be protected in ‘Sanctuary Cities’, but still
    walking the streets and not deported. Many are violent felons and committed numerous
    heinous crimes and walking our streets of your neighborhood.

  • December 9, 2015 at 9:20 PM

    No matter how much Donalt Trump is attacked and vilified, the people know in their guts that he is right and will support him. Maybe today the majority of Democrats disagree with him. Once they realize what he says is commonsense they too will vote for him. I believe Trump will win the general election in a landslide, with nothing to compare with in the history of the USA. At the end commonsense will win and the only person who has the galls to sand up to PC fascism of the media and both parties is Donald Trump.

    All those who today attack Trump do so at their own peril. The voters will remember their cowardice and lack of commonsense in the next election. Paul Ryan will be history in the next round.

    • Tim Forkes
      December 10, 2015 at 7:44 AM

      This comment is satire, right?

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