Police misconduct should not be investigated internally but by an outside organization

Why is “Archangels of Justice” necessary?

A quick answer: Knowledge is the power to force a change and when citizens realize what has been going on they won’t stand for it anymore.

“Archangels” investigates and reports the truth.

Take in account three recent examples about police misconduct and the way they are allegedly covered up:

  • A California Highway Patrolman beats a woman. The report he wrote about the incident is false and misleading. The Deputy Chief states that no independent investigation is necessary and that their Internal Affairs Division has integrity and will do a thorough review of the case. Exactly who recognized their integrity? Yep! They did. The CHP could face a large civil lawsuit and the offending officer, who is one of them, could face criminal charges, but that probably won’t happen. Only independent investigations, from outside of the departments involved, will get to the truth of the matter.

  • A Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff ran a stop sign and seriously injured the woman who had been driving the other car. The Deputy Sheriff claimed that the woman was at fault. Other deputies charged her with drunk driving.  In a few days The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department found that the woman was not drunk nor under the influence of drugs and videos of the accident clearly show that the Deputy had run the stop sign and was at fault. It took almost a year for the charges against the woman to be dropped. Now the Deputy has filed for complete disability claiming that he had been injured in the accident. It certainly looks as if he should be charged with perjury or filing a false report.  Sheriff David Clarke has been proactive in this cover-up.

  • The Albuquerque, New Mexico, Police Department has been actively involved in the wholesale slaughter of 26 people in the past four years.  The Crap Bag District Attorney has just buried her head in the toilet and allowed this to go on for more than 14 years. Now the United States Department of Justice is involved and working out a deal to oversee the Department. But if you think they will be charging any of these police officers you will probably be wrong.

Stay tuned.