Playboy Miss December 2005 joins the BPEBaltimore Post-Examiner

Playboy’s Miss December 2005 joins the Baltimore Post-Examiner

This is my first post as a writer for the Baltimore Post-Examiner. I’m looking forward to sharing my stories and answering questions from readers about anything, my experiences being a Playboy Playmate, how to train your pets, and anything else you are curious to know in general about my life.

The author with a rescued pit bull. (Photo provided by Christine Smith)

The author with a rescued pit bull.
(Photo provided by Christine Smith)

I’m Playboy’s Miss December 2005. While shooting for my issue I lived at the Playboy Mansion, during the first few months of filming the first season of The Girls Next Door.

I was lucky enough to shoot with Marilyn Grabowski, before she passed her talented torch to Hef’s then girlfriend, Holly Madison, for whom I have nothing but praise.

Holly was like the First Lady; she was always well put together, classy, she remembered everyone’s name and made you feel like you were the only person in the room when she spoke to you. Kendra and Bridget were exactly the same as they appear on TV, very bubbly and fun.

Hef was just what I expected and so much more. I figured I’d be nervous meeting such an important person in history, and I was. He broke down so many barriers over time, and made Playboy a brand and The Girls Next Door a TV show that all of America can love and appreciate. Playboy merchandise is loved and worn by teens and women of all ages.

Hef was very charming, funny and respectful. It almost never felt like he was just a real person. When out in public people reacted to seeing him like they were seeing the President of the United States. People of all ages were always in awe.

My favorite part of my stay at the Playboy Mansion was the zoo. Having an African crane sit with me while I interacted with the squirrel monkeys was one of the highlights of my life! Which leads me into my personal life…..

Joe, the boxer with the barbed wire in his choke collar, nine years after being rescued by the author. (Photo from Christine Smith)

Joe, the boxer with the barbed wire in his choke collar, nine years after being rescued by the author.
(Photo from Christine Smith)

Basically, since I was born I always felt I was “put here” to help animals.  When little I saved worms and bees stuck in puddles after the rain. Scared my Mom to death brining in a mouse or black widow spider I found in the yard. My first pets were a stray cat and a rat that came from a lab after being subjected to experiments.

When I was 18 I started rescuing animals. Once people knew I’d take in anything and had a gift for helping the “un-fixable,” it was normal to have a cat left in a box on my porch or animal control call me asking if I’d meet them in a parking lot to take a Boxer that had razor wire in his choke chain and was injected with amphetamines and steroids to make him mean. They called me so the boxer wouldn’t get put down.

Over the years I’ve helped every charity that has asked: orphans in India, Wounded Warrior Project, the VA and anything for animals. I hope to accomplish a lot when it comes to helping others!

I’m looking forward to letting readers pick my brain so submit your questions for me at   and I’ll pick one a week to write about, that I feel readers would find the most interesting.

About the author

Christine Smith

Christine Smith was born in San Dimas California and lived in a few other states but considers Cali the best. She loves biking and rollerblading up the coast and supporting the local beach bars. Her heart has always been with rescuing animals rescue groups gave up on for being too vicious or sick, She'd rehabilitate them and find them homes. She's rescued 114 and counting! After visiting Playboy studios with a friend she was named Playboy’s Miss December 2005. Christine enjoyed traveling all over the US, hosting events and doing autograph signings. She won a Celebrity of the Year award in London for radio interviews. Had fun being in TV shows and movies, Bad Teacher is her favorite; Christine considers working with Cameron Diaz was an honor! She felt very blessed to have the title of Playmate; it allowed her to help countless charities by “using her name.” She received an award from the Veterans Administration for her volunteer work and has been able to help many charities helping the wonderful people who serve our country and many animal rescue groups. Her favorite part of being a Playmate has been meeting her fans, and she’d try to make each person feel special and give them an experience to remember. She is very excited to now be a part of The Baltimore Post-Examiner and be able share her experiences and speak with all the readers! Contact the author.

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