Philanthropist Ajay Harinath Singh Expands Food Kitchens in US and UK

Businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ajay Harinath Singh (above), announced that he is expanding his charitable work into the US and UK. The AHS Food charity was set up in his native India to provide food to homeless and needy and has now opened food kitchens in London (UK) and Philadelphia (US).

Mr. Singh, who was born and grew up in Mumbai, is President of the Singh and Sons Holdings PLC as well as Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies, has a long history of charitable work in his native India. Darwin’s charitable trust Savitri Harinath Foundation (SHF) set up two affordable hospitals at Latur (Maharashtra) and Bhuj (Gujarat), focusing on providing quality and affordable health services available to everyone.

Ajay Harinath Singh, who as well as having financial interests in the oil business and gold mining industry, is also a major shareholder in some of India’s largest banks. With several Bollywood film producer credits under his belt, is now focusing his attention on expanding the food kitchens he set up in India some time ago. For the last 3 years, Ajay Harinath Singh’s foundation has raised funds within the UK and Europe to serve numerous meals to schoolchildren in India. However, now the entrepreneur has decided to focus much of the attention and resources on providing food to the needy in the UK and US.

A food kitchen has been set up in the Philadelphia city center which serves approximately 1000 healthy vegetarian meals a day to some of the city’s neediest people.  The charity AHS Food charity has also opened up a service center in the UK’s capital city London. Serving in excess of 3000 healthy vegetarian meals every day for free to the homeless and to students. The meals are all ‘home cooked’ and usually consist of vegetable stews, rice, and pasta. The meals are specifically designed to be full of protein and free of additives to ensure the recipients get their daily dose of nutrients.

Mr. Singh, who graduated from a London university, intends to expand the food distribution operations even further. Plans are afoot to increase the food distribution amounts and to start providing food to school children and to the elderly in selected areas across London.

Despite business interests that span 11 countries and includes oil rigs, gold mines, aircraft sales and Bollywood movies, Ajay Harinath Singh, who is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, French, Dutch and Russian, remains focused on his philanthropy and there’s every reason we will be hearing a lot more of his name in the future.