Pantyhose for fabulous legs

In England, we call them tights, and, to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of them. I can’t seem to enjoy that extra layer feeling and the waist band across my tummy. Plus, the tan ones remind me of bad 1970s movies and my mother working in a library dressed in corduroy mustard.

However, times, they are a changing! And this gal has to wear some smart outfits to the office and to meetings now, plus I’m 40 and bare legs aren’t so much my defining area anymore — so how am I going to get on with pantyhose? Think of it like starting to eat stuff again that you once rejected on your plate, or had a bad experience with. That’s me and pantyhose.

fioremelilla (1)Bring on Fiore. Fiore says it “is one of the most dynamically developing hosiery manufacturers in Poland and Central Europe with over 120 different products for ladies and girls offered in a wide range of colors and sizes.”

Okay, so can they convince me that pantyhose is the way to go? Fiore is an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified manufacturer which means they have standards! These aren’t any old tights! They assure the safety of all substances and components used in the manufacturing process and guarantees to our customers that the products are skin-friendly and safe for their health. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know I’m big on this kind of thing. The company was also one of the very first Polish hosiery producers to receive the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, which is “the most comprehensive of the ISO standards, covering product design, engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing and sales.” Awesomesauce!

So how can I get funky with my pantyhose? Well, I try out the Melilla Black Patterned Tights in a Size 2 with my smart black dress and Kate Middleton heels. Oooh, fancy! says my other half. Does it look like I have a leg tattoo? I ask. No, says he, it looks cool. And my legs do look rather fabulous if I say so myself!

fioreandrina (1)Once they’re on, I’m feeling snug and smug, but will I feel all sweaty in this current heatwave? After two hours, I’m feeling fine and not itchy, so the fabric must be top notch.

I take a look online and find out what other options are available to past tight-o-phobes like me.

They’ve got a bunch of stuff to choose from via their website:

Classic– Elegant and comfortable tights (pantyhose), knee-highs and socks for everyday and evening wear.

Medica– A variety of tights designed to correct the imperfections of woman’s figure.

Golden Line– Highly fashionable and sensuous patterned tights, hold-ups and stockings perfect to finish off any stylish ensemble.

Elite– Top quality hosiery products, made of the best materials in most advanced technologies.

Obsession– A range of sexy and sensuous stockings, hold-ups, body stockings and tights.

Young Lady– A line of cheerful and durable tights designed for girls of 110-146 cm height.

I’m rather taken with the legging-look style tights too which look pretty funky and come in different colors. Fiore’s Andrina tights are rocking the Summer look for me.

So, am I a tights convert? Will I be wearing that pantyhose day in and day out? I rather think I’ve found my match with Fiore. Tights can make an outfit, and I shall begin to think of them as a fancy accessory rather than an extra layer to sweat over. Long live the fashionable pantyhose!