One With Nature: 5 Tips to Consider When Going Out for a Hike

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

For some people, video games, movies, partying, or going to the beach are good stress relievers. Although those aren’t bad activities to get into, nothing beats hiking up the mountains. Imagine the clean, fresh air breezing through your hair as you walk up the trail. Hiking just hits some people differently.

With that said, hiking can be a rewarding yet challenging activity to get into. If you’re not careful, hiking can become dangerous and lead to injury or worse. However, the “possible” danger that comes with it shouldn’t discourage you from trying it. With the proper preparations and mindset, you can safely enjoy a hike in the woods without having to worry about anything.

To help you get started, here are some tips to follow when you want to go hiking:

Preparing Yourself

Some of the best things you can get out of hiking are the incredible, instagrammable pictures to show off to your friends, family, and followers. However, don’t be tempted by those pictures and think that hiking is an easy feat to do. To get to the most beautiful spots, you need to go through a lot of vegetation, rock formations, and any other obstacle along the way.

To get over those obstacles, you need to be physically fit and ready. As mentioned earlier, hiking can be physically demanding. First off, you need to exercise and focus on cardio and endurance. Cardio enables you to breathe properly when doing strenuous activities. Athletes like Christiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady, Lebron James, and Canelo Alvarez have elite-level cardio, allowing them to perform at a high level for prolonged times.

Endurance training refers to the exercises you do that allow you to “endure” difficult conditions for longer periods. To build up endurance, you can walk in the sand, carry additional weight while jogging, or do deadlifts.

You don’t have to reach the level of elite athletes to go hiking. Once you build up enough cardio and endurance, a once-difficult trail becomes more manageable and allows you to progress to more complex, challenging trails.

Packing the Right Things

You don’t have to bring a lot of things when hiking. Remember, packing light and packing right are the two main things to remember before going on a hiking adventure. Packing light allows you to move comfortably and lets you enjoy the hike better. Having the right stuff with you on a hike goes a long way. You can visit for more tips like these.

On a hike, these are the things you should bring:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Knife
  • Multi-tool
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Bug Repellent

First Aid Kit

Speaking of packing the right things, you also need a first aid kit. Accidents and mishaps can happen on a hike, and you wouldn’t want to walk on a trail with an open wound. With a first aid kit, you can at least clean a wound and prevent it from getting infected as you get to safety. You can buy ready-made first aid kits which contain almost everything you need on a hike.

Clothing Matters

Depending on the weather and terrain you’re going to, always wear the right pieces of clothing. Jackets, parkas, and other thick clothing can help for colder places. Layering is a big yes if you want to keep warm in colder places.

If you’re going to warmer places, light clothing such as simple shorts and shirts are good. Do take note of the terrain before wearing such light clothing. If you’re going on grassy trails, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from itchy plants and biting insects by wearing long sleeve shirts and pants.

Avoid wearing anything cotton as it holds moisture and can weigh you down. Go for lighter-colored clothing when hiking too. Not only does it make it easier for others to see you when you get lost, but lightly colored clothing also allows you to see bugs and ticks easier.

Shoes are essential as well. Never go hiking wearing flip-flops or sandals. The cut of your shoes can also matter when hiking. For well-maintained routes, low-cut shoes are enough.

Mid-cut boots are for more grassy terrain as they can offer you protection from weeds and other vegetation. High-cut boots are the best to wear in rough and rugged terrain. Remember, the higher the cut, the more protection it gives to your ankles and feet.

Try to Avoid Going Alone

Hiking is an activity that’s best experienced with friends or a companion. However, some people do go on a hike alone. Hiking alone can be dangerous, and the problem arises when lone hikers get into accidents along the way. When hiking, having a friend or group greatly reduces the risk of something terrible happening.

If you still want to go hiking alone, always inform people you’re close to about your whereabouts and how long you’ll be gone. Try to be specific with your location, dates, and other important information. In a worst-case scenario, rescuers will reach you faster and easier if they know where you are.


Being one with nature is a priceless experience that everyone should have. Hiking and enjoying the outdoors is a great way to become one with nature. Of course, always be prepared when going hiking. The tips mentioned above are good points to remember if you plan to head out.