Nine University Reviews Best Colleges to Apply for in 2020

When it comes to picking your college there’s over one thousand to choose from in the US, so it can be very hard to decide which is the best for you and your career.  But let’s face it there are also other factors involved in making your decision, value for money, best campus, student life, diversity, and focus on your area of study or sport you play.  So here’s a rundown of nine University reviews best colleges to apply for in 2020.

Nine University Reviews Best Colleges to Apply for in 2020

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Best Overall College:  When you looking at the rankings on most websites MIT is up there with the best of the rest.  There are several factors why, first of all, it’s based in San Francisco Bay, a great location.  Second, it’s the main feeder into a career in Silicon Valley, with an average starting salary of over $70,000.  Of course, it’s also one of the most competitive Universities with just a 5% acceptance rate into an enrollment over around 7,000 undergraduate places.

Stanford University – Best Value College:  With annual fees around $22,000 for most of the Ivy League Colleges, Stanford is rated as the best value with a cost of around $16,500 instead.  You’re not taking a discounted education here either, it ranks as one of the best colleges in the country.

University of Southern California – Best Student Life:  Based in Los Angeles California there’s no better location for a college campus and that’s why it’s often voted as the best campus, and student life.

Tulane University – Top Party School:  If college life for you as just as much about having a great time as getting a top education then Tulane is the College for you, based in New Orleans, and often voted as a top party school, and thankfully has a high acceptance rate too at 21%.

High Point University – Best College Dorms:  Concerned about having a great dorm to live in, well look no further than High Point, which has focused its campus on professionalism and the dorms reflect that.

Pomona College – Most Diverse College:  Looking for a campus where you will be accepted, then Pomona ranks highest for diversity.  A liberal arts college, and based in Claremont California, who pride themselves on access and equity.

Washington University in St Louis – Best College Campus:  While the California campuses boast the weather year-round, Washington University has a small-town feel in beautiful settings that has great food, fitness and study areas throughout.

Duke University – Best for Student Athletics:  As an athlete, you want to be surrounded by other great athletes and in a program that supports and promotes athletics, look no further than Duke.

Alice Lloyd College – Safest Campus:  Based in Pippa Passes Kentucky, and with an enrollment of just 584 undergraduates, Alice Lloyd College isn’t for everyone but is ranked as the safest campus in the US.

So no matter what you want from your University there’s plenty to choose from.