Newest Apple Products WWDC 2012

Tim Cook showed up looking causal and relaxed, sporting an un-tucked black dress shirt.  This was his first WWDC presentation as CEO of Apple.  Right away we found out why he was so relaxed, he was in the presence of friends.  The Worldwide Developers Conference is a place where developers from all over come to hear what Apple is releasing and talk with other developers.

The presentation started off with a funny video of siri telling jokes.  Why is my siri not that funny?  The great part of this conference is that Apple is talking to developers, therefore they can nerd out a bit.

The second video showed was about just a few of the amazing apps developers have created and how they have changed the world.  The one that really stood out was an app that helps the blind be able to walk around.  The video features a blind man who can go on long walks in the woods because of this app.  It really is pretty spectacular.  Another app that stands out helped kids in India who did not have the resources to learn about anatomy and the human body.  With this app though, they were able to learn these things in an interactive way.  What really stood out to me was the fact that all these developers said that when they were thinking of developing these apps, the platform they thought of right away was IOS.

Apple is proud of these developers and they even announced that they have given more than $5 billion to developers to produce these apps.  Yes, that is billion with a “b.”

The presentation quickly moved on to what Apple has been working on.  In no particular order here are a few highlights of the key parts of this conference.

New Macbook Pro (nice upgrade with a hefty price)

The newest Macbook Pro was announced and boy, is it a beauty with a steep price to go with it.  The new MBP is lighter, thinner and outfitted with 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports and the newest Intel Ivy Bridge technology.  With the new retinal display, the screen looks crisp and clear.  Apple also added 2 thunderbolt ports for good measure.  Oh, and don’t forget the flash storage that was added for speed.  All this does not come cheap though, with a starting price of $2,199.

 IOS 6

I have talked in the past about the greatness of the iPhone and the changes Apple has made to make it innovative and easy to use.  This being said, there have been a lot of things that Apple has had the power to add, but has yet to add.  Lets not talk about that though.  Here are some features that they did add.  I will be adding a post soon on and in depth review of IOS 6.  All these features will be available to everyone in the fall.

1. Do not disturb feature

2. FaceTime over mobile phone network

3. Turn-by-turn maps

4. Reply to an incoming call with a text message

5. Priority inbox

6. Improved Siri

Mountain Lion

Are you getting confused by all of these cat names yet?  Me too.  Apple, as expected, talked about its new operating system.  Apple is adding 200 new features and improving a few others.  Every time Apple announces there will be 200 new features, the majority of them are small changes that you will not notice, but in very subtle ways they will make your computer and blur the lines between mobile devices and computers.  This update will be coming to the Mac app store in July for $19.99.

1. Facebook intergration

2. Updated iCloud

3. Updated mail and safari

4. Notification Center

5. Power Nap

6. Dictation

7.Game Center

These are just a few stay tuned for full reviews of these features.