New iPhones are on their way

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It has been confirmed, the new iPhones are on the way.  The event will be held Tuesday and though we do not know, for sure, everything that will be released we do have a bunch of rumors to get you excited.  So here we go:


We will start off with a easy one.  Apple has already announced its newest operating system at WWDC and even released the beta to developers.  But expect to hear more about this brand new operating system on Tuesday.  Since the iOS was announced Apple has continued to update it’s operating system and improving things, from the feedback they get.

iPhone 5s:

So we do know that Apple will tell us about the next major iPhone, but not not expect a huge redesign or crazy new features.  This update will be a minor update and by minor I mean, better camera, faster processor and colors. We know the late Steve Jobs loved life in color.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Better flash/Better Camera:If you have ever tried to take a picture with the iPhone you will know that the photo comes out terrible. Well, the new iPhone 5s will most likely have a dual-LED flash that will allow for you to take better photos in low light.  We can also expect a wider aperture, and more megapixels.
  • Faster: It is expected that Apple will add the A7 chip to the new iPhone making it almost twice as the iPhone 5.
  • New Colors: It is expected that the new iPhone will not only come in the usual black and white, but also a gold/champagne color. Also it is rumored that there may be a silver color as well.
  • Fingerprint Scanner:One thing that you should be the most excited about is the fingerprint scanner built into the home button.  We are not sure what Apple will use the fingerprint scanner for, but we do know that it will increase the security of your phone.

iPhone 5C (Color):

Apple will Apple’s first low budget iPhone.  It will have very similar specs to the iPhone 5 and will come in a plastic case.  This phone will come in many different colors.

The new iPhones are expected to be available by Sept. 20. Are you ready to order the new one or are you sticking with the motto if it ‘ain’t broke, why fix it?

Apple is betting you will want the  new one.

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