How much is the chicken industry contributing to Chesapeake Bay pollution?

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Environmentalists turned out at at town hall meeting Tuesday at the Village Learning Place in Baltimore to listen to a panel discuss the chicken industry’s impact on the Chesapeake Bay’s  pollution problem.
“Food and Water Watch,” which sponsored the event,   plans to introduce a bill  in the next session of the Maryland General Assembly to address the chicken industry pollution issue. Speaking on camera were panel members: Julie Gouldener, Ian Schlakman, Ted Martello and Rachel Santo. Julie Fiore served as the moderator for the program. After her opening remarks, Gouldener, Maryland organizer of FWW, underscored that Del. Maggie McIntosh of the 43rd district, who is the chair of the House Environmental Matters Committee, “will not” be supporting their anti-pollution measure.”
To learn more about the forum, and the issues it presented, go to FW&W’s Facebook page.

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