Moving from Maryland to New York: A Reality Check

Migration is the aftermath of a new opportunity or a setback. But moving into the world’s most dynamic and vibrant state is indeed for a great reason. Whatever it is, proper knowledge about the place and strategic planning will prove to be effective in this endeavor. 

For this reason, I’ve put up a critical overview in this article on every aspect of moving from Maryland to New York.

Dos and Don’ts While Moving to New York from Maryland

The preliminary stage is to know what you are dealing with. Relocating is not rocket science, but it can throw you in complete disarray in the flash of a moment.

Here’s my list of what you should look out for while moving to New York from Maryland:

  • Research extensively and gain substantial knowledge about the cost of living in New York. Don’t forget to calculate hidden costs like taxes and transportation fees.
  • Explore the neighborhoods in New York. Pick one that complements your lifestyle and budget. Look for factors like safety, provisions, schools, office locations, and such.
  • Hunt for houses or apartments in advance. Do not go for any eleventh-hour decision. Take your time to plan down to the last detail. Visit trusted websites or collaborate with a real estate agent to make the process easier.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary and appropriate paperwork such as ID, lease agreements, and moving permits. Update information if necessary, such as address with zip code, banks, etc. 
  • Install required utility services like water, electricity, and internet in your new home prior to your move. Thoroughly research the service providers in your neighborhoods.
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Factors to Consider for Marylanders to Settle Down in New York

Visible or hidden expenses, the overall condition of the housing markets, and facilities are the key things one should focus on during the move to New York.

Living Costs

Daily costs for different purposes can be identified as the living cost. Below I’ve discussed what you will deal with every day in New York.

General Living Expenses

Giving thought to daily expenditure is inescapable. It affects lifestyle straight away. Speaking of which, New York poses overwhelmingly higher expenses than Maryland.

To throw data into the mix, living in New York requires you to spend 80% more than the U.S. average. Maryland, on the other hand, is roughly around 15%. Utility bills, groceries, and transportation are part of this.

For instance, the grocery market in NY may have goods priced 30%+ more expensive than in Maryland. A similar phenomenon is observed in utility costs as well.

As such, New York’s public transportation is more extravagant. Maryland’s (Baltimore) monthly metro pass of $77 goes for $132 in New York. But that comes with the perk of better efficiency.

Accommodation Expense

For anyone leaving Maryland for New York, one of the biggest surprises could be the house rent. And when I tell you this, trust me, it will take you aback. 

The mean rent throughout different cities in Maryland is around $1500 whereas you can rent a similar type of house for give or take $3500. That’s more than double and overwhelms everyone new to the greatest city in the world. Likewise, hotels and Airbnb rents move in the same direction.


Retaining consistency in financial management is a pivotal part of moving to a new location. A deep understanding of differences in taxes only makes your life better. It will help you plan out your expenses.

That said, if you happen to move to New York from Maryland, you need to be extra cautious. The state income tax for New York ranges from 4% to 8.82% with an additional local tax of 3%+.

Sales tax in New York is also higher than in Maryland. It’s 8.8%. Also, NY’s Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax impacts the general expenses of those working in the city big time.

Property Costs

The shenanigans of buying a house in New York can go over the top. In contrast to Maryland’s finest cities like Baltimore, it does not seem amiable in any way. The $350,000 price tag is less than half of NY’s steep $748,012 list price.

In the meantime, homes in densely populated areas like Manhattan or Brooklyn put on sale for more than a million dollars.

Not only that, the suburban areas circling New York, such as Westchester County or Long Island are also lined up with a steep commodity value.

Shedding lights from a different angle, for business owners and investors, it will take a hefty wallet to retain a Maryland-like stature.

Now, in terms of property insurance, a notable difference is evident. While in Maryland, the average annual premium hovers around $800, it can exceed $1500 in New York.

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Amenities and Quality of Life

Despite the cost of almost everything, New York ensures a great experience for its citizens. That is reflected in its healthcare, education, transportation, and recreational facilities.


Both Maryland and New York offer excellent healthcare facilities. However, the extensive network of hospitals, and specialized medical centers such as New York-Presbyterian and Mount Sinai, takes NYC into a league of its own.

When the least expected, health insurance premiums of both Maryland and New York are similar. On the bright side, you get rapid access to the most advanced medical care in NYC.


Maryland’s public schools are considered some of the best in the country. It’s been like this for ages. In New York, you’ll see a variety of educational institutions which include elite private schools and colleges. The public schools across the districts in New York are not on the same page, nevertheless.

So, anyone who opts for private schools may have to put up with an average annual tuition fee of $40,000. However, as for higher education opportunities, Columbia University and New York University offer extensive programs. 


New York possesses the best comprehensive public transit system in the world. As we’ve discussed earlier, it comes at a greater expense than Maryland too.

Unlike Maryland, New York has a widespread and frequent transport option available. The subway system, buses, and commuter trains provide aid in such coverage. 


There is no shortage of leisure activities and recreation in either of the states. World-class museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway, and vibrant art galleries are signature cultural amenities of New York. Shopping and dining are also diverse in this dense area.

Therefore, anyone coming from Maryland will surely miss the outdoor activities.

Last Bit

Settling in New York from Maryland comes with substantial life-changing events. And it comes with the challenges I’ve discussed above. Responsible budgeting and thorough preparation iron them out and make life enjoyable