Moving During a Pandemic? This is How you Do it Safely

Image by Alexander Droeger from Pixabay

Moving to a new house or apartment is quite a hassle as it is, but during a pandemic there are even more things you need to worry about. You can’t just bribe all your friends and family to help you out with the promise of free beer, because that many people together just isn’t corona proof. In this article, we talk about what you need to think about when you’re moving during the pandemic and how you can move in the safest way. 

Planning is key

We know – many people don’t like planning things and having to make a tight schedule. Unfortunately, you have to, because you can’t have a lot of people together at the same time. You can either choose to only ask your closest friends and family to help you out or you can also choose to prepare your move weeks in advance, and have one or two people help you every weekend. Another possibility is to have for instance 3 people at your old location and three people at the new location. This way they don’t come into contact with each other. One person can drive the van from the old location to the new one. 

While on the subject of planning: make sure you rent your van in advance (Dutch: verhuiswagen huren), so you can easily come and pick it up on the day of the move without having to wait. Look for a reliable rental service, such as Diks, a company that has locations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Almere (Dutch: auto huren Almere). At Diks you can for instance rent a car for a skiing trip (Dutch: auto huren wintersport), but you can also rent different sized moving vans. Do you need the biggest van to move all your boxes? Or will a smaller one work? Best figure it out before your move! 

Don’t forget protective equipment

While it might seem easy to remember to stay 1,5 meter away from each other in theory, you’ll see that this is easily forgotten when someone for instance wants to help someone else by lifting a box. That’s why it’s a good idea to give all your movers a protective face mask, a pair of gloves and to put hand sanitizer in both the old and the new location. Better safe than sorry! 

Think of a fun thank you-present

Before the pandemic, you could buy the whole moving team lunch or celebrate the move with drinks. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea with the current issues – for instance using the same cutlery during a lunch can already cause issues. That’s why we recommend thinking of a fun thank you gift for all your movers. Luckily for you, in this day and age, you can send pretty much anything to someone’s house when you buy it on the internet. Flowers in a postal package, sweets, a package of beers, a food voucher … go wild! 

Hopefully, these tips will help you and your movers to stay safe and secure while moving to your new home.