Milena Djankovich: When are you ready for baby number 2?

If you ask most parents what makes parenting difficult, an entire day would not be enough for them to give you the intricate details of the entailed chores and responsibilities.  However, all the difficulty is worth it when you get blessed with a child.  It’s no surprise why some families have more than one child.  But this does raise a question on when a family is ready for a second child.  According to Milena Djankovich, the best way to answer this question is by concurring with a set of pre-requisites.  Here are some points you should consider when thinking about having another baby.


The average cost of raising an infant in the U.S. usually amounts to over $20,000 a year.  This does not include other costs like the birthing itself, hospital visits, insurance, and future funds.  If you and your partner are still struggling with the finances of your first baby, then having a second baby will only make the problem worse.  And don’t get the idea that “things will always work out” or “we’ll think of something” as these could lead to terrible financial situations in the future, according to Milena Djankovich.


Giving birth takes a toll on a woman’s body.  Even after a year, a mother may not be emotionally ready to go through the birth cycle once again.  We have to think about the health of everyone in the family.  A mother should be in good physical shape in order to have a baby.  In the same way, both parents should be in a good-enough condition to raise two babies, or a baby and a toddler.  A mother’s age should also be considered, as giving birth at an older age presents new challenges.  According to Milena Djankovich, there should be pressure on a woman to have a baby if she is not ready.

Living space

Many families of three are fine living in a one-bedroom apartment in the city.  But if you add one more child, would it impact how they live?  According to Milena Djankovich, parents should also consider the space where they are to raise their children.  This is why some couples save up for a house or a bigger unit before starting a family.  If you already have a child and feel like you are living in a space that can easily nurture two children, then it’s a good indicator that you are ready for a second child.

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