Jonathan Diaz Helps Companies Solve Their Lead Generation Budget Problems

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Generating leads is one of the biggest pain points faced by almost 60% of company leaders, so it isn’t surprising that Jonathan Diaz sought ways to resolve the problem.

Constantly growing competition along with information in abundance makes it hard for any company to reach, track and engage with their prospective clients, so it’s not hard to see why businesses today are finding it difficult to survive, let alone succeed in the modern business world.

Generating leads is a resource-demanding and time-consuming process – carrying out research, calling prospects and nurturing prospective clients is all a lot of hard work, and all of that work costs money. It’s no wonder, then, that lead generation is so taxing on companies’ budgets and that overcoming this situation is so important for business leaders in the marketplace today.

J. Diaz (Courtesy photo)

A Large Budget Is Necessary For Lead Generation

“Lead generation takes time and time in business means money,” Diaz says. “Not only do company leaders need to pay their employees’ wages, they also have to cover the costs of internet, electricity and telephone use along with other resources. Then, when we add into the mix paid advertising, landing pages, pre-targeting and email campaigns – it’s easy to see how the costs just keep mounting up.”

Due to the high costs, it can be tempting for business leaders to rely on their in-house team to tackle lead generation on their own. However, that’s never a good idea.

“Not only is it very difficult to fit everything into a tight budget, but staff can’t focus on their primary tasks”. Diaz points out. “This is why outsourcing is often the best answer, slashing the cost of generating leads exponentially.”

A Second Problem – High Leads Volume Doesn’t Always Lead To Sales Or Higher Revenue

Although business leaders often believe that getting more leads is the way to success, that isn’t always the case. Although a lot of traffic may come to their website, only a very small number of those people may convert into customers.

That’s why lead quality is also important. Generating high-quality leads is actually more important than generating more leads. But all too often, quality leads are more expensive. That’s because finding valid contact details and data can be difficult and many leads simply won’t fit the target market or buyer persona.

On top of that, some leads won’t have the correct budget and some leads won’t be sales-ready. Furthermore, it’s difficult to create content, which attracts good leads, and if leads aren’t qualified, you’ll spend even more on trying to convert them into paying customers.

While there are some strategies for lead generation which are inexpensive, or even free, the amount of effort and time required make them difficult to use. So, how can you find a strategy that won’t break the bank, but will also result in well-qualified leads?

This is a problem that Jonathan Diaz believes he has solved with his new company, Rocket Dyno.

How Does Rocket Dyno Help?

“Companies are facing a complex issue these days,” Diaz says. “They have to generate leads to increase sales, but they also have to keep their overheads down. With ever-spiraling lead generation costs, it can seem impossible to find a way to afford to implement an effective strategy that both works to generate leads but without costing the Earth. I set up Rocket Dyno to resolve this problem.”

Rather than employing an entire marketing team to deliver lead generation strategies – something that is extremely resource-heavy and financially costly for businesses – Diaz has produced a solution, which involves acquiring the services of a full marketing team for the same price as hiring a single team member.

When companies use Rocket Dyno’s services, they benefit from a marketing team that includes a copywriter, ad manager, project manager, graphics designer and ISA all working on their behalf for one affordable fee. As a result, companies can see huge improvements in the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Some of the benefits that Rocket Dyno offers include being able to connect immediately with leads and then maintain ongoing follow-ups with them for a period of up to six months. This allows companies to maximize the opportunities afforded to them, as the team will provide them with a pipeline full of fresh and qualified leads who are ripe for conversion.

When all of the hard work of lead generation is done, the Rocket Dyno team leave companies to focus on their true goal – closing the deal.

“In just six months, Rocket Dyno has scaled past 300,000 ARR,” Diaz says, “and we’ve worked with some impressive organizations such as Farmers Insurance. We’ve proven our success in this market and believe that we represent a great future for cash-strapped businesses that need to find an effective lead generation solution at a price they can afford.”