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James P DeVellis – How You Can Do Your Part For Climate Change

Many years ago a teacher of mine James P DeVellis gave a passionate speech in college about the very real threat of climate change. I was greatly inspired by the way that James spoke about this and the information which he gave us all. I followed up on the speech and asked James many more questions about this topic, which he was more than happy to answer. What James spoke about that day inspired me to learn more about climate change and how I could help to reduce the impact of it. Since that day I have tried to live in an ecologically conscious way, and here is how you can too.


Back when James gave that speech there was nowhere near as much talk of climate change as there is today, and there is a real split in terms of political opinion. Given the fact that different parties have different policies on climate change, you can use your vote to help create a better, more energy-conscious world.

Plastic Usage

Of the many issues which we have, our waste is a big one, especially plastic waste which takes a great number of years to degrade, and in some cases it never does. As plastic bio-degrades, it emits poisonous and noxious chemicals into the ozone layer. You can do your bit by reducing the amount of plastic which you use, and ensuring that any plastic waste which you do have is recycled.

Eat Less Meat

The meat and dairy industries are doing some of the worst damage to our planet and if you are able to reduce how much meat and dairy you consume, you could be doing a very positive thing for climate change. We use vast amounts of water and feed to maintain the animals which we consume, and this is putting a massive strain on our resources. Furthermore, the animals need space which is why they are burning so much of the Amazon, to make the space for the animals. Go vegan if you can, if not just try to be conscious of how much meat you are eating and where that meat has come from.

Using Less Energy At Home

Reducing how much energy you use at home can both help the planet and help to reduce your overall costs. The more energy we use to light, heat and cool our homes, the more pressure we are putting on the infrastructure around energy production. We are of course seeking to find more renewable energy sources but we still have a heavy reliance on burning fossil fuels, which pumps out harmful gas which damages the O-zone layer. You can minimize your energy usage at home with simple changes around how and when you use it. Seal your windows, keep doors closed, put your thermostat on a timer and stop using energy when and where it isn’t needed. If you can do this you’ll spend less per month on your bills, and help to minimize the effects of energy usage on the globe.

Why not give it a try and do your bit to minimize climate change?

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