Adam Ferrari – How Traveling Can Improve Your Life

Just after we left college my roommate Adam Ferrari and I decided to embark on a three-month trip around Europe, which then turned into a 6 month trip around Europe and Africa. Adam enjoyed himself and came back to open up his very own business and me, well I caught the travel bug big time. I knew that I wanted to be my own boss like Adam but I wanted the freedom to travel as I worked. I ended up setting up an online business, which has allowed me to travel all over the world, a true blessing. Many people like to travel for a number of reasons, but did you know that it can actually improve your life? And here is how.


Traveling has been proven to help improve your general health and this comes down to two main factors. The first is that when you travel you expose your body to a whole host of foreign bacterias and even infections which your body doesn’t know how to fight. Over time, however, your immune systems adapt and become stronger as a result. Another reason why travel helps your health is that you are significantly more likely to be doing physical activities when you are on the road than if you were to stay at home. Those who travel regularly have been shown to live longer as well.

Personal Understanding

They say that when you travel you get to know more about yourself and this is something which I have certainly experienced first hand. The reason for this is that you are exposing yourself to different situations, different cultures, different people, languages, foods, and experiences and they force you to become someone different. You have to adapt to all of this new stuff and it alters how you think and how you see the world, thus helping you to learn and understand more about yourself.


Even before Adam and I hit the road I would have always identified as an empathetic person, but since I have been on the road that has been something which has grown massively. The reason is that when you are faced with poverty, different ways of life and cultures, you gain perspective on how lucky you are that you won the geographical lottery, that you had the opportunities that you had and that you didn’t have to suffer as many have. This really makes you look at the person in the mirror and realize just how lucky you are, and that also improves who you are as a person. It is easy to be outraged or to feign heartbreak and sadness when you see stories like this on the television whilst you are living in your comfortable bubble, and I have certainly been guilty of that in the past. When you stare at these issues right in the face however, that is when you gain perspective and gain real depth to your character.