Hunting: A Beginner’s Guide to Game Animals

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You’ve decided to take up hunting as a new hobby but have no knowledge or experience around the sport to help get you started. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to this outdoor pastime, so it’s best to start at the very beginning. Firstly, get to grips with the variety of game animals that can be hunted and the current regulations in place across the different states.

From there you can start to learn about the necessary equipment needed to hunt your chosen game. Whether it’s two-way radios, camouflage tents or the best cold weather hunting clothes that you need, it’s best to know what is essential before investing in the tools. Before you get too carried away shopping online, here are the various types of game to consider:

Big Game

Big game hunting specifically refers to larger herd animals across the United States such as deer, elk, bear, moose, caribou, boar and bison. White-tailed deer being amongst the most common big game hunting in this area of the world. This type of hunting usually has restrictions where individuals are issued a limited number of tags for animals. They must be purchased alongside a hunting license.

Small Game

Hunting smaller animals offer the opportunity to pursue your hobby during the warmer months and move around more freely throughout the day. Small game refers to smaller prey such as rabbit, skunk, porcupine, squirrel, and hare.

Upland Birds

Nonwater game birds such as woodcock, grouse, dove, pheasant and quail are another option to consider when deciding which route of hunting to choose. These birds can usually be found in heavy grasslands and thick cover therefore many people choose to bring gun dogs along for retrieval purposes.


Waterfowl birds will always be found in or around lakes and rivers so good observational skills will be necessary. Hunting migratory waterfowl will also require an additional permit alongside the normal state hunting license. This can be acquired from the Fish and Wildlife services. This agency is responsible for protecting endangered species and managing migratory birds.

Other game animals include furbearers such as beaver, mink and bobcat or predators such as cougar, wolf, and coyote. Whichever game you decide on, be sure to collect all the appropriate licenses first. As it’s common to travel and take trips for this hobby, it’s important to do your research beforehand to avoid getting caught short.

When you’ve decided which game you want to hunt, it’s advisable to connect with groups that have previous experience in this activity. Dedicate days to observation and learning before taking the plunge, ask questions about anything you don’t understand. No doubt you’ll meet some like-minded people along the which will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Use online resources and reading material to increase your knowledge, you can never learn too much when it comes to starting a new hobby. You’ll be ready to go out and enjoy the great outdoors in no time at all.

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