How Virginia’s MurLarkey Distilled Spirits Redefines What It Means to Drink Clean 

Clean-  \ ˈklēn \ adj. – Free from dirt or pollution

Clean is a term widely used today throughout a myriad of industries – clean food, clean beauty, clean cars, and clean diets and now, thanks to MurLarkey Distilled Spirits in Bristow, VA, clean drinking. 

MurLarkey, a cleverly unconventional craft spirits producer, is proving that “clean” is not just about high-quality distilling – it is about a holistically better-distilled spirit-based libation experience.  

We all know that what you eat and drink matters. It matters to how you look and to how you feel and not just the next day, but ongoing. Too often, we think of healthy food or beverage choices as sacrificing flavor. But with MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, you’ll find it’s quite the contrary. 

All of their products are free from added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Instead, with MurLarkey spirits, you’ll find all-natural ingredients, gluten-free, small-batch, internationally acclaimed whiskeys, vodka, and gin.  

As MurLarkey’s Master Distillery and “Nose” – George “Papi” Zwetkow often says: “The best craft spirits make the best craft cocktails”, and this VA distillery is where to turn to stock your bar with best in class, gold-medal quality and full-on, mind-blowing delicious taste.  

MurLarkey’s creative geniuses are on a mission to make cocktails pure fun and better-tasting with less guilt. Their vodka and gin are so smooth and palate-pleasing, no sugary mixers are needed as masks. Their all-natural infused whiskeys have delightful flavor profiles that stand-alone or pair well together – a dream for mixologists who can get as imaginative as they wish and at the same time, simple for anyone else who just wants foolproof perfect cocktails.

In fact, cocktails made with MurLarkey spirits have become so popular that this little craft distillery actually wrote a book called the “MurLarkey Bootleg Boys Bible, Drink Recipes for the Baptized,” containing almost 100 of their most popular creations. MurLarkey was distinguished with the title of “Best Cocktails” by multiple publications in both VA and DC over the past two years. Can you imagine a distillery being recognized for best cocktails?   

Rumor has it that hangovers are at a minimum amongst the MurLarkey fans but that is not a claim we have personally tested. We have tested the inspired line of liquors, however, and it is incomparable, delivering uncompromising quality and flavor – clean, pure, and delicious.

As any spirits connoisseur would expect, MurLarkey spirits are produced to their demanding specifications in small-batch artisan fashion. They are exclusively available only in VA, DC, and MD at this time, but plan to expand their market in 2021 due to growing demand.  

“It’s a little mind-boggling”, MurLarkey CEO, Thomas Murray says. “We are just this little distillery in Virginia putting out the best spirits we can and suddenly it seems folks can’t get enough. It’s a good problem to have.”  

In addition to their impressive list of internationally awarded spirits, MurLarkey is in the process of rolling out a line of clean cocktails in a box. 

“These will be lower in alcohol (15 proof) and 100% all-natural ready to drink cocktails delivered in a 1.75L box, eco-friendly and sustainable package”, Murray says.

So as the holidays approach, after a year like 2020, when you’re looking to relax with a cocktail in-hand, MurLarkey spirits will impress not only your taste buds, but your conscience as well with all-natural, clean ingredients. 

For more information on MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, visit their website.