How to invest in Trade Shows to get a big ROI

Did you know that companies tend to allocate more than 30% of their marketing budget on exhibits? A report by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research revealed this interesting finding. The same report also stated that US exhibitors spend around $24 billion on trade show exhibits, but over two-thirds of them do so without any clear objective.

Most attendees at trade shows have purchasing power. Therefore, if your company has a fresh and exciting product or service to offer, it is vital that you capture high-potential leads, which can only be done if you have the right trade show exhibits and backdrop, says New York Banners, a reputed provider of trade show banners.

Here’s a look at the key investments at trade shows that can help you maximize returns on investment.


Set up your booth at the best possible location. Most people who walk the floors at trade shows don’t reach the last aisles. While booth space at locations with less traffic will certainly be cheaper, it will be waste of time and money for you. Make sure to find booth space either near the entrances or close to the refreshment areas.

A Memorable Giveaway

Give people an incentive to make a purchase at your booth. Almost every booth gives away free promotional items at trade shows. So, to be remembered, you need to ensure that your promotional item is both relevant and useful for your target audience, without busting your budget. And, don’t forget to customize the giveaways with your company branding.

Display Materials

Your display material should look top notch. Get your banners, step and repeat backdrops and large tents for trade shows and other events created only by an experienced and skilled printing service. Choose the materials, graphics and color scheme carefully to ensure that you aptly represent your brand image.

Efficient Staff

The team at your booth should be not only knowledgeable about your offerings but also have good communication skills. Choose to staff the booth with people you know will represent your brand well and create greater brand awareness. Also, make sure that there is a firm handoff between the people generating the leads and the people following them up.

Pre-Event Marketing

Spread the word about your participation at the trade show well in advance to create a buzz among your target audience. Consider talking about it on your website and social media feeds. You could even create step and repeat banners to publicize your presence at the event.

Effective Follow-Up

Make sure that there is a follow-up system for all the leads generation at the trade show. Otherwise, all your effort will simply be in vain. Use a digitized process for capturing lead information and set up follow-up appointments before leaving the show. You can’t have leads falling through the cracks, after all.

Trade shows can generate great ROI for your company with some judicious investment in marketing before, during and after the show. Therefore, don’t forget to get your trade show banners and backdrops designed and printed well in time.