How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer in Baltimore

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From road accidents to workplace injuries to medical malpractice, there are several situations that call for a personal injury lawyer. As you begin your search, it’s important to remember that not all legal experts are the same.

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Who you work with will influence the amount of compensation you receive, which may leave you unable to cover the cost of treatment. The best attorneys usually charge as much as those without a track record. The difference is that an unscrupulous lawyer will settle your case as quickly (and cheaply) as possible.

Don’t be swayed by their marketing tactics. Do your own research instead. Here are some key factors to consider that will help you find a good personal injury lawyer in Baltimore.

Choose a Specialized Lawyer

Personal injury law is complex and intricate. There are many unique rules and practices that need to be thoroughly understood. So, avoid settling for a jack of all trades and master of none. Opting for a lawyer who specializes in personal injury will ensure the quality of your representation.

Reference Peer Reviews

You can use online resources to narrow down your search. This includes websites where lawyers are rated based on what their fellow attorneys say about them. Here are some popular review systems to check out:

  • Best Lawyers ( claims to be the leading resource for finding legal talent. You can search based on names, firms, and practice areas with 57 different specialties, including personal injury.
  • The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry ( serves as a database of legal professionals that includes peer reviews. Lawyers are also given short biographies and are rated based on several factors.
  • Superlawyers( compiles annual listings of outstanding attorneys who have attained the highest degree of recognition and achievement. This is an ideal resource for finding the best of the best.

Look at Their History

Of course, you’ll be better off staying away from the new kid on the block. Sticking to well-established firms gives you a proven record to rely on. Baltimore personal injury firm William G. Kolodner, for example, has been around since 1977.

You also need assurance that your lawyer will be able to deliver a sufficient verdict or settlement. Focus on attorneys who have settled cases worth over a million dollars. These firms are typically members of the renowned Million Dollar Advocates Forum. There are a few other state and national trial lawyer groups that they can be part of as well.

Speak to Previous Clients

Any lawyer worth their salt will have no problem with you getting in touch with their past clients. When you do, you can get a better idea of what it’s like working with them. Similarly, pay attention to how accessible the attorney and their staff are. You shouldn’t have issues calling them or arranging an appointment.

Don’t forget about transparency. Your attorney should be comfortable with disclosing all of the important factors and possible outcomes of your case. Keep these points in mind moving forward, and you’ll soon find the right lawyer.

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