How Many Mollars Tokens Must You Buy From Today’s ICO To Make A Million If It Reaches $10

The initial coin offering for $Mollars token is surging towards 700,000 tokens sold.  Over a quarter-million dollars has been raised, with those numbers being significantly higher if Ethereum prices return to last week’s highs.  As analysts study the new store-of-value [SOV] token that’s Bitcoin alternative with lesser fees,  predictions have become available.  The latest prediction is that the ERC-20 token will reach US$S10 (possibly significantly more) after its total supply sells out.   For those traders looking to invest and become a millionaire based on those predictions, the totals are quite reasonable.

Initial Gains To Be Made From Crypto Exchange Listing

The current price of the $Mollars token is $0.45 [cents].  It’s in the 3rd round phase of its initial coin offering and still at a deeply discounted price in comparison to the price it will be on crypto exchange post-ICO.  It will start on crypto exchanges at a price of US$0.62.   

Those that invest now, will already see the benefits of a +37% ROI yield, making it a ‘winner’ as is.  However, the predictions for a value increase to US$10 has made it all the more interesting.   And it’s likely that token sales will see a rapid incline today as the projection has been made.

ROI Profit Yields From $10 Token Price

Rising to US$10 means investors will have seen a +2122% ROI yield per token purchased today.  This price is predicted to be a minimum if the Mollars token sells out it’s total token supply of 10 million tokens.  

Based on a token sales report from last week,  crypto investors have purchased 581,058 $MOLLARS since 7 days ago.  This is an average of 83,008 tokens sold per day.  

There are 9,307,831 tokens remaining to be sold of the total token supply being minted [ever].   However, 6 million will be sold on public exchanges at full price.  Only 3,307,831 more $MOLLARS will be sold in the presale event.

When Will The Mollars ICO End: Hard Cap or Deadline?

Based on the week’s daily average, all 10 million Mollars tokens will be sold out within 112 days if the demand stays the same. According to, this means the complete supply will be gone by May 6th, 2024.

The 4-million Mollars supply for the initial coin offering will be gone in a shorter time based on the 7-day sales average — 40 days.  This sellout would cause the close to the ICO early as well, since this has a hard cap limit.  

Early Crypto Birds Get The Rewards

The early closeout means investors who move slowly on buying tokens will find themselves purchasing $MOLLARS at higher prices as the rounds will sell out faster than what one might envision from the ICO’s preset May 2024 closeout deadline.  

The 5-cent increments in price per round mean a healthy percentage of potential gains being lost.  Nonetheless, all rounds would be a big winner by any seasoned investor’s standards.

Return on Investment [ROI] Yields Based On Round of ICO Investment Made: 

  • 3rd round price (0.45 = +2122% ROI Yields)
  • 4th round price (0.50 = +1900% ROI Yields)
  • 5th round price (0.55 = +1718% ROI Yields)
  • 6th round price (0.60 =  +1567% ROI Yields) 

On average, just under +200% yields would be lost per round,  by investors who buy into the token presale in the ‘next round’ vs the one they see today.

How Many Mollars Tokens Should You Buy During ICO To Make A Million?

For those seeking to become crypto millionaires, from today’s presale token price, there would have to be a significant investment.  However, keep in mind, based on daily ICO buy averages, this is for fast ROI vs long-term potentials of Mollars, which some say is past +9,500,000% if demand continues.

To make $1,000,000 from this ICO one would have to reverse engineer the ‘profit goal’.  Start by dividing US$1000 [dollars] by today’s coin price of US0.45 [cents].   Per thousand dollars, crypto investors get 2,222.22 tokens today.   If the token price rises to US$10, 1K  investors will then have $22,222.22 [dollars] worth of tokens.   

The million-dollar question would be answered like this: An investor would need to invest 45x that initial $1,000 investment or US$45,000 today to become a millionaire from the Mollars ICO token rising to US$10.