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How Lyft drivers can start earning a 5-Star Rating every time

The coveted 5-star rating can be hard to earn. Your passengers are too hard to please. Google Maps led you down the wrong road. Another driver cuts you off, and they needed to be told off. There are a lot of reasons why your passengers might score you lower than you think than you deserve, but they’re all excuses.

If you expect to bump up your overall rating so you can complete more rides around town, you’re going to need to change the way you drive. Use this guide as a reference to learn the dos and don’ts as a Lyft driver. From treating your passengers kindly to driving a fully serviced car, these tips will help you clinch a 5-star rating every time.

Clean your backseat

Let’s start off with a simple one. Don’t underestimate what a clean car can do for your rating. Nobody wants to sit in the backseat of a car that smells, nor do they want to share space with all your extra junk. Your passengers shouldn’t feel like they’re encroaching on your space, and they shouldn’t feel like they might catch something by grabbing a ride with you.

Remove all your belongings from the back seat, and make sure the seats, doors, and floors are clean. You may want to invest in a personal steam cleaner if there are any tenacious stains or smells. Some drivers become nose-blind to certain smells, so don’t hesitate to purchase an air freshener that hooks onto your air vents just in case.

Make your vehicle presentable and safe

Don’t overlook the outside of your car, either. Your passengers will judge you on the look of your car first, and they won’t feel confident or safe if your vehicle is damaged, dirty, or sporting salt stains from the winter — the latter of which is especially common in places that see long winters, like Mississauga or Brampton.

Besides putting your vehicle through a car wash, you can make sure your car is performing at its best by keeping it tuned up. Not only will regular maintenance prevent issues that stop you from driving, it’s a necessity in some cities, like Mississauga and Toronto — where Lyft drivers need to earn a PTC (Private Transportation Company) license and need to pass an annual inspection. The easiest car safety certificate Mississauga drivers can book comes from the mechanics at Veerpreet, but you can find a mechanic shop near you to help you pass any safety test.

Be friendly

As a Lyft driver, you wear many different hats. You aren’t just a chauffeur; sometimes you’re a new friend. If your interpersonal skills need a little help, consider asking open-ended questions about your passenger. Most people like talking about themselves, and they’ll fill the silences for you as long as you stay away from yes or no questions.

Be observant

If you ask them how their day is going, and they answer with a ‘good’ before checking their phone, they’re giving you a signal that they don’t want to talk. Don’t pester them if they want to sit quietly.

Don’t use Lyft maps

The Lyft navigation system can glitch, even though it relies on Google Maps for most of its info. It’s simply easier to go straight to the source and use the Google Maps app on its own, without any interference from Lyft.  Whenever you use your phone for navigation, make sure it’s set up in a phone mount. This will help you keep your eyes on the road, making your passenger feel safer when you don’t have to look into your lap for directions.

Don’t be too reliant on tech. Ask your passenger if they have a favourite route they usually take when going to their destination. Most people will suggest you follow Google Maps, but the few who enjoy having control over the route will appreciate your question.

Earning the top rating as a Lyft driver isn’t always easy, but it shouldn’t be impossible. You aren’t doomed for an average 3-star rating if you know how to curate your passenger’s experience. Look after your car and your passengers, and you’ll see your rating improve.

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