Hot footin’ it

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So, today was Aeroboxing and Abs and Zumba. Yowsers!

I punched out in Aeroboxing (the key is to think of something that annoys you and punch out the stress!). I can’t kick, though. Fact. My kicking is a bit useless, so must try harder.

But I found out I am a bit speedy in the running bit. I ran like the wind, and smugly won all the races. Get me! I even got high fived for my powering speed at the end, which was lovely, but my high five was a bit off kilter, since my arms were hurting after all the punching.

Netball – I miss it!

It’s nice to surprise yourself with something – for me, running has always seemed a bit boring and I’m not overly competitive, but it felt great to win and maybe I am a little speedier than I thought.

Not sure I could do a marathon or any long distance, but a nice short burst of running brings on the endorphin rush. I don’t remember being great at running at school. I recall the odd egg and spoon race, sack race and 100 meters and there was always someone faster than me, but I came second or third. Big pat on the back for coming first today.

I will reward myself with a protein bar.

Abs work KILLED. And during it I’m thinking about what’s for lunch. Not sure that’s good form.

I spent two hours choreographing some new routines for Zumba last night, so they come in to play today. Am mixing up the cardio and the toning as I promised myself. And promises are promises, even to yourself.

I miss netball, this gem of a game from the UK. It’s a bit like basketball (it’s getting much bigger in the USA now), and I was pretty ace at that in the UK, playing in three different teams at least five times a week. I need to play netball again. It’s a sociable sport, and that’s what I’m missing somewhat.

And I don’t mean the glass of plonk after the match!