Here Are the Top Five Safety Features You Will Want to Make Sure Your Next Car Has

Photo by Davide Boscolo on Unsplash

When shopping for a new car, safety should be anyone’s first priority. We understand, trying to keep up with the latest car tech features can be difficult. Cars are becoming safer, more durable, and more efficient. Manufacturers are focusing more on impressing us in the dealership, trying to make us close a deal. Owning a vehicle might be a great thing for you, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities for your safety and others around you. Thanks to modern technology, being safe isn’t as hard as many of you think.

But in order to be safe while driving, you must choose a car that comes with the right safety features. The auto industry continues to develop, increasing its number of safety measures in new car designs. There are many add-ons introduced already, but the following ones are the most effective on the market. Here are the top safety features your next car should have.

The annoyance of a “buzzing” phone

Distractions, distractions! A huge cause of all those road accidents. Mobile phones are the main reason why many drivers get distracted, especially young and inexperienced people. We know how tempting it is to resist texting while driving: but think about the many dangerous threats that come with using your phone while you’re behind the steering wheel. Of course, you may need to use your phone for navigation, and you’re free to use it as long as the phone remains in its holder.

For example, Apple has a specific feature which is called “Do Not Disturb”. It’s specially made for drivers, and will automatically turn on and detect any phone calls or text messages from transmitting. It’s a safe way to ensure that you keep your hands on the wheel, not texting while driving. You could simply turn off your Wi-Fi, notifications, put your phone on silent, turn it off while driving, or even ignore the phone calls you’re receiving. But let’s be honest: we all know how challenging it is to watch your phone ring while you’re on the highway. Just a small distraction, and you could cause major accidents on the road.

Reactive airbags

Airbags are one of the most important safety features in a car in recent decades. Airbags provide vital safety for people during an accident. They are hidden, so you won’t be able to see them, but in case of a crash, they’ll instantly inflate. Since 1999, front airbags have been installed in all vehicles. Now, side airbags are included in new cars to meet federal side protection requirements. Both of them save lives, so both of them are necessary. In fact, recent studies have been showing that front and side airbags reduce driver mortalities by 30%. Airbags don’t require any maintenance, unless they’ve been destroyed in a car crash. In this case, they must be replaced at a car shop.

Safety-belt features

While seatbelts are far the most important pieces of safety in a car, improved features can do the job more effectively. Seatbelt pretensioners are designed to reduce the amount they are thrown forward in a frontal car crash. Some people see seatbelts as a strip of fabric, and never use them. But it is the most crucial measure of protection in a car, given that most of the road fatalities occurred due to drivers and passengers who weren’t wearing seatbelts. Seatbelt pretensioners will help minimize and protect the wearer from the impact of the accident.

Sensory alarms and cameras

Sensors and alarm cameras are extremely helpful when it comes to moving back your car. Performing back maneuvers in a car requires a lot of concentration and great care. Without focusing well-enough, car accidents become more likely. Sensors and cameras will make the detection way easier, especially in blind spots. Modern cars require modern systems. At a Ford dealership you can shop for cars with the latest technologies. For example, there are many manufacturers that have gone way further with systems that offer a 360-full view.

A 360-full camera is a tiny, portable tech gadget that will offer you a whole new experience. It differs greatly from other cameras, drones, and so on. Using a 360-degree camera will allow you to capture the whole view of the area you are in. It looks like there is a drone in the air, showing you the surroundings. It is particularly useful when you’re in the parking space, trying to go in or out of it. You can literally see everything, the front, behind, and each side of the car.

Adaptive headlights

You probably remember that time when you drove home from a trip on a late night, but the road had no streetlights. You took a curve – it was slow enough, but too fast to stop and suddenly, in front of was a deer. Now you might already imagine the whole scene and get a bit scary. For this reason, you must ensure that your next car has adaptive headlights. There will be no issue when driving on a dark road. Adaptive headlights will give you the best view possible at night, especially when going around curves. They will illuminate the side of the road, and when the vehicle turns left, the headlight will turn left too. Turn the car to the right, and the angle will angle to the right.

This is essential for the driver in the car, but also for the drivers on the road. Standard headlights can cause serious visibility issues. Adaptive headlights are fixed at the road, so incidents won’t happen or at least, they’ll be reduced. There is a sensor in adaptive headlights that will prevent the lights from rotating if they don’t need to. It’s very important to keep in mind that no matter how many techs features your car has, accidents can still happen. For this reason, you must keep your focus on the road and avoid any distractions while driving.