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Gov. Larry Hogan responds to North Carolina student’s letter

Editor’s Note: Gov. Larry Hogan read the letter published in the Baltimore Post-Examiner from Jordan Camroncy who asked about our great state and sent us his response.


Governor Hogan noticed the letter to the editor the Post-Examiner published from student Jordan Camrocy in Charlotte, NC earlier this month asking for information about Maryland for a school project:

The governor wanted to respond, and sent the attached letter along with a few Maryland souvenirs to Jordan today.


Amelia Chassé

Communications Director


Charlotte Latin School
Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 2827
Jordan Camrocy, Ms. Dodd’s Class

April 23, 2018

Dear Jordan,

I was excited to read your Letter to the Editor asking for information about Maryland for your State Fair report! As a lifelong Marylander and governor of Maryland, helping people learn about our great state is one of my favorite subjects!

Here in Maryland, we love crabs served with a lot of spicy Old Bay seasoning; our sports teams, the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens; outdoor activities like hiking and going to the beach; and most of all, we love our state flag.

From the peaks of the Allegheny Mountains in Western Maryland, to the rich and varied cultural history in our central region, to the sandy beaches of our Eastern Shore, Maryland has a lot of great activities for people of all ages – especially kids! But the thing that makes Maryland the greatest is the people who live here.

I have included a few items to help with your research:  a Maryland map, a miniature Maryland flag, as well as a signed photo. If you’re looking for additional information, I encourage you to check out where you can learn all about our state.

Again, thank you for choosing Maryland for your class project. I hope you hear from Marylanders from all across our state, and I wish you good luck on your report and at the State Fair!


Larry Hogan




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