Get a body like Jennifer or J-Lo……yawn.

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Celebrity body anyone?

I read a lot of fitness and nutrition magazines and in nearly every one there is an article about how to get a body like celebrity.

Legs like Jennifer, stomach like Jessica, arms like Michelle, shoulders like Halle, bum like J-Lo. Sigh.

J-Lo’s workout before every performance.

The latest thing I read is from Louise Parker who works with celebrities and says in 14 days you can get a body like hers.

She says that the aim of the 14 day plan is to ‘energise you, cleanse you, nourish you and rid your body of as much body fat as one can sensibly do on any diet and fitness plan. If you stick to the programme for 14 days, you will achieve results that you and others will notice.’

But everyone claims this. Cleanse, diet, juice, low fat, low carbs……so much advice is out there it’s hard to know what to listen to anymore.

I know this – my nutrition course and fitness training are teaching me one thing: do what is right for you and make a lifestyle choice.

Blood glucose 

I’m not normally one for taking tablets, but I confess to being a ‘picker’ – I snack. Yep, I do. There, I said it. And I do have that afternoon crash (which is mentioned in my nutrition course as being fatal!!). So, what’s going on?

So I’ve been taking some from Sainthood Herbs for one week now, and it’s had a significant impact.
These tablets reduce the glycemic index of food, it lowers glucose (or sugar Sainthood-Blood-Glucose-130626-smlevels after eating foods like bread, sweets or high sugary foods. Diabetes, for example, is when your blood sugar levels are already too high, people with problems like this need to lower their BG levels. This product is ideal for diabetic-like problems, where too much sugar is a problem.

I also love their website, because it is quirky when it describes its products, as for the Blood Glucose tablets: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to eat whatever you wanted and not feel guilty? Ah, if you only knew about the affair we were having with that triple chocolate cake. Alas, while we might not be able to help you with the guilt part… we can help you feel relaxed about your blood glucose levels after meals. Life is short; enjoy eating without dreading the glycemic index of your food.’

Could this be my saving grace for not snacking again….I hope so!

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