Enjoying Miami While Staying Safe – 5 Top Tips from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Famous for its abundance of skyscrapers and fascinating architecture, Miami welcomes millions of tourists each year from all four corners of the globe. While the city is obviously known for its sandy shores and beach lifestyle, it’s important that you stay safe and secure when on your travels.

Miami is infamous for its very high crime rate, however, if you stick to certain areas, you should have a trip of a lifetime. To help you stay protected on your travels, here are five top tips from a personal injury lawyer on how to enjoy Miami while staying safe.

Places to Avoid

Before you head out on your trip to Miami, it’s best to check what types of areas are safe to visit. The last thing you want is to end up in a dangerous neighborhood, so it’s advised to avoid the parts of Miami called Riverfront and Liberty City. 

Be Careful of Your Belongings

Like you would in any busy city, it’s important that you stay alert and aware of your surroundings. If you’re walking along the Downtown streets, it can get very crowded, so keeping your personal belongings in zipped up, out of reach pockets is advised. Unfortunately, pickpockets operate in Miami so if you must carry money and other valuable items with you, it’s important that you keep them out of sight. Also, try and refrain from using your cell phone in busy areas.

Take a Taxi

Miami is not known for its walkability, so if you’re out and about at night, it’s always best to get a cab rather than walk back to your hotel. While the city may feel safe during the day, things can change for the worst once night hits, so although you may have to shell out to get from A to B, it’s better to be safe than sorry in the long run.

Driving in Miami

If you’re not used to driving in a big city, getting around Miami by car can be an overwhelming experience. Miami is known for its fast-paced way of life, so while the frenzy of activity may be exciting and liberating, many drivers become aggressive when on congested roads, so it’s no surprise to learn that car accidents in the city are very common. There are various dangerous intersections that are best avoided, especially if it’s your first visit to Miami, such as NE First Avenue and NE Sixth Street.

Seek Help

If you have found yourself in a car accident, it’s important that you seek medical and legal help as soon as possible. You should reach out to a local personal injury lawyer who can fight your corner and help you win your personal injury case. They can help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

As long as you stick to the safe neighborhoods, be careful of your belongings in crowded areas, take a cab at night, and know-how to get around the city by car, your trip to Miami should be one you’ll never forget (for all the right reasons!).