Easy to Follow Spectrum Internet Self Installation Guide

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Whether you are researching for the best Internet Service Provider in your area or have picked one successfully, the next step is to subscribe and install. Considering that you found Spectrum Internet Packages cost-effective that truly cater to your needs, the next step i.e. installation might be a bit tricky.

Don’t worry though, if you have little to no knowledge, you will find this guide quite easy and helpful. We will help you go through the steps needed to get your Spectrum internet up and running. Moreover, you will also come to know whether it is better to buy your own equipment or rent it from Spectrum.

Let’s begin without any further delay.

Can I Handle Self-Installation?

Should I involve in self-installation or hire a professional? You need to ask yourself whether you want to save some cost or willing to pay extra in order to save yourself from hassles of the technical nitty-gritty.

If you have some technical knowledge and feel comfortable with troubleshooting problems, then self-installation is a great option. On the contrary, you can hire a professional to do the stuff without putting you in any confusion or difficulty. If you hire a professional, you need to pay some additional fee but do not worry, it is less than that of other service providers.

What’s Included in Spectrum Installation Kit?

If you have decided to do it all by yourself, Spectrum’s got your back and gives easy to follow guide included in the kit. So let’s breakdown what’s included in the kit.

  • Welcome Guide

  • Instructions Manual

  • Modem

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Coaxial cable

  • 2 Power Cables

  • Wi-Fi Router

Before you start installing the kit, make sure that all of the above-mentioned items are included in your kit. In case any of the items are missing, just contact the customer support and they will guide you through the retrieval process.

How to Install Spectrum Kit to Get Your Internet Running?

If you have all the contents, it is time to start your marathon. It won’t take long, for sure. Let’s see how to install.

  1. Connect one end of the coax cable to the cable outlet and another end to the modem

  2. You have two power cables for which one needs to be connected to the modem. Hold on for a moment, as it will take five minutes to turn on completely. You will know when the LED light turns solid.

  3. Take Ethernet cable and connect it to the wireless router and modem.

  4. Now take the second power cable and connect to the router to turn it on. Do not worry if it takes too long (normally takes 10 minutes for the first time). After the Wi-Fi light turns solid, you are good to go to connect your devices.

  5. Connect your laptop to the Spectrum Wi-Fi. On the back of the router, you will find the network name and password printed.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the kit. Just go online and activate your service.

Why You Should Rent Spectrum’s Router and Modem?

Unlike most of the service providers, Spectrum does not charge a monthly fee for renting a modem and router. As it is included in your service, why not take proper advantage of it. Moreover, you will also get technical support, in case of any technical discrepancies.  

If you want to use your own equipment, just go for it. Especially, if you have a big house and everyone wants to have access to the internet in their own rooms whether they are located near/far from the router.

According to our view, you should stick to the equipment given by your service provider. The only exception is when you have a big home and a normal router won’t deliver strong signals to every part of your home.

Following these steps is bound to help you get started with your Spectrum service in a jiffy. Try doing it yourself if you haven’t tried it yet and you will surely be surprised by how much you learn through the process itself.