Ear Candie girl – (that’s me!) and Cookie Wear team up for a great event

I did it! I was the girl with the most cake! I even had some left over to share! Cupcakes to be exact! I turned 27 on Friday Jan. 11.

Cookie Wear Boutique hosted an amazing birthday bash/earring launch party for me to present my Ear Candie earring’s line and celebrate my first birthday living in DC. It was so much fun getting to be with my friends and family from all different times of my life and making new ones at the same time.

If you are not familiar with Ear Candie check out my website. And watch my Ear Candie dance below from 2010.

Cookie Wear can be found at 3717 Georgia Ave N.W. It is right next to the Petworth metro station. The first time I walked into this store was about a month ago and I immediately heard Kylie Minogue singing in my head  “because it was love at first sight!”

The walls are pink with bling and bright colors everywhere and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. They have everything from clothes and accessories to custom-made suitcases and, of course , Cookie Wear’s own clothing line. I knew I had found a home for my earrings to be loved and appreciated just the way they are. So about a week later I was in touch with the owner Michelle aka Cookie aka Noodles and shortly after that they started caring and selling my earring collection.

I was ecstatic when they said they wanted to throw me a launch party at the store to introduce my earring line. The party was going to be perfect timing to because my birthday was just around the corner! Not to mention I love parties. Especially when it’s a double whammy and especiallywhen it’s with such a gracious accommodating host such as Cookie Wear and her lovely friends and family, which made this all that much more enjoyable.

I call this dress the Teflon Princess. This is the ultimate party dress. I bought it in a vintage clothing store in Venace Bech Ca. – a few years ago. Every time I wear it I feel like an 1980s Prom Queen Princess.

It was a great turn out I got to see friends I haven’t seen in forever and made new connections. I loved having the chance to showcase some of the work I have been doing with earrings; it was a great feeling and I felt so much love and support.

I ,of course, had goodie bags for almost all my guests. The bags included a pair of Ear Candie paper-clip earrings, functional and fashionable as well as a featured ring made by Michelle’s youngest daughter Jada. They are amazing and fun rings she designed out of pipe cleaners. How cool is that?  I knew everyone would enjoy them so I was so happy she agreed to include them.

I also was  lucky enough to have my dear friend Tracey come take pictures at the event.

She is a talented photographer and videographer. She took some amazing pictures and participated in the festivities with Cookie Wear and me!

To see more pictures look at my Ear Candie Facebook page. For more information about Tracey visit her Facebook page.

We ended the night across the street at Looking Glass Lounge. Having  a great time, catching up, taking a shot or two, and dancing the night away.

It was all this little blonde girl growing up could ask for and much much more. Big girl thanks to my Mom and Dad. You are such wonderful parents, thank you for all the unconditional love and support! XoXoXoXO!

(Feature photo: These earrings from my Ear Candie line are called Two of Hearts. They are made from plastic metallic pink  heart bracelets. They used to be  party favors for kids. They are too small to fit around my wrist but not too small to dangle from my ears. I attached a pink heart crystal charm to the earring – hence Two of  Hearts. I also made a princesses charm necklace as well as a birthday princesses charm bracelet. It’s full of pink tiaras and other fun girly-stuff. Tracy Hart took the photo.




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  • February 7, 2013 at 12:15 AM

    cookie-wear is a fraud in california… smh

  • February 6, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    The CookieWear party was absolutely awesome!!! EarCandie and its owner Gwynne are as aunthentic as they get!!!! 🙂

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