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Dr. Ju Hearn to Expand 360 Active Recovery to a Bigger Facility by the End of 2020

Have you ever considered starting a new career? It’s an intimidating process that requires lots of schooling and hard work. Dr. Julius “Ju” Hearn managed to move on from his old career after an injury and start of a new career that is even greater than before.

Dr. Hearn played professional basketball overseas in the Republic of Georgia for one year. He had an interest in the sport his whole life, playing in high school and continuing at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he was the starting point guard and led the team in assists and steals.

However, when he was in the Republic of Georgia, he broke his hand and had to leave the sport. Rather than giving up, he decided to use his knowledge of athletics to help others.

Dr. Ju Hearn

He went to school to get multiple degrees from several universities, studying in fields like kinesiology, science, business, massage therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Using his new knowledge, Dr. Hearn started his first business, 360 Active Recovery in May 2015. The business offers chiropractic care, physical therapy, personal and group training, and nutrition counseling. It’s made for both everyday people and athletes who participate in triathlons or like to run.

“360 Recovery is a proven program that helps strengthen, balance, and align the body in order to keep you in peak condition and help prevent any injuries,” says Dr. Hearn.

At the end of 2020, 360 Active Recovery will be expanding and moving to a bigger facility in the Chicago area, proving the power of the results his patients receive.

Dr. Hearn’s other business is Recharge Athletics, where he helps train professional athletes at the NBA or FIBA level. During the off-season, they focus on strengthening the body using sport-specific and low-impact exercises to challenge the body in unfamiliar ways. During the season, they work to keep the body balanced to prevent injuries. Some of their notable athletes include Evan Turner from the Atlanta Hawks, Patrick Beverly from the Los Angeles Clippers, and Glen Robinson III from the Golden State Warriors.

Dr. Hearn has worked hard to develop a program that helps these athletes succeed.

“Now I help young and veteran athletes prolong their careers by creating specific programs based around training, recovery, and nutrition,” he says. “I’ve studied both Western and Eastern medicine to be able to give the best of both worlds by blending key components to help athletes reach their optimal health. My goal is to help every one of my athletes be able to play as close as to pain-free as possible.”

Some may think that people only have one vocation in life, but Dr. Hearn proves this to be false. Although he was passionate about playing basketball, he’s now incredibly excited to help others achieve their dreams and fitness goals.

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