Do you want a happy deep sea fishing in Dubai? Here is the way

You have been waiting for that holiday vacation when you will find yourself in Dubai and finally, it has come. You have decided you don’t want dinner cruise anymore; you want to launch deeper into the waters of Dubai to do some deep sea fishing. Well, it will probably be the best experience that you have never had in your holiday tours. Just brace yourself up and let’s get started.

Dubai has been considered for years to be among the biggest destinations to do deep sea fishing in the world. This could be the reason why it attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe. Fishing can be an interesting activity and more so when done in the waters of Dubai.

In general, it has been observed that deep sea fishing in Dubai is not done by many visitors and tourists. This is because many enjoy the Marina cruises views and dinners just around the city. So you will have taken a unique path which is not taken by many. To the residents of Dubai, fishing was one of the major economic drives in the years past alongside diving and dhow trading.

In order to have happy deep sea fishing, you need to know some things. Some of them include:

The fishing Period

This heart of the desert kingdom has been known to have to have fair weather throughout the weather; so you don’t have to worry much about the weather. After all the guides will advise you accordingly. Nevertheless, the best period to do your deep sea fishing is between January and May. Between January and March, the fish are many and the time stands out to be the very best to do your fishing. You need those timings if you are an avid deep sea fishing fan. Don’t go fishing during summer, for you will be disappointed having caught no fish. Avoid frustrations.

The type of fish you expect to catch


As long as you want bigger and much more fish, then you have to avoid shore fishing and embrace deep sea fishing. Sometimes deep sea fishing can be a bit costly compared to shore fishing because of the equipment needed and the hiring that’s required. You also need to know the type of fish to expect to catch. Some of them include Barracuda, sharrie, kingfish, hammour, and Sultan Ibrahim. The attendants will help you understand their names in case you are not familiar with them.

What to carry

No proper preparation no happy fishing especially in the deep sea. In the deep see you don’t have anyone to prepare you after hiring your charter you will only get some attendants. The charter company will not provide drinks and food for you or other things like in the Dubai Marina where you get drinks, beverages, and buffets. So you just have to carry them. Here is a list of what to carry when going for deep sea fishing:

      • A cap or hat – sometimes you need to protect yourself from the hot sun
  • Some snacks and food
    • Long sleeve t-shirts or shirt – you are not supposed to expose any part of your body as long as you’re in UAE
    • A pair of sunglasses – the sun rays reflect on the water may cause damage to your eyes so just protect them
    • Drinks – this involves water or beverages; you should not even think of alcoholic drinks because it is illegal
    • You can carry your jigging rod to go fishing on your own
    • An extra clothing – you may get wet, so have an alternative just in case it happens
    • Some tablets – if you are affected by sea, you need these tablets to stabilize your condition

Having known what you are supposed to know, how do you know the right charter?

Tips to Know the Right Charter

Now that you are ready for deep sea fishing how do you know the right charter? Here is how:

    • It has at least 2 crew members on board to go with you
    • It does both trolling and bottom fishing – although many companies don’t like trolling because it consumes more fuel
    • It indicates clearly how far to sail from the shore
    • It is at least 30 feet long
    • It has washroom facilities on board

With the above information, you can enjoy your deep sea fishing in Dubai.