Do You Need Professional Movers For a Few Items?

The excitement is building. Moving day is almost here and soon you’ll be at a new Washington, D.C. address. Whether it’s a view of the capitol building from your kitchen window or a Georgetown row house in the center of the action, you’re ready for the big day to finally arrive. 

Before moving day gets here there’s something to consider. Even relocating with just a few items to Washington D.C. takes a bit of planning, which includes deciding if you’re tackling everything on your own or hiring some professional help.

Not sure if help is necessary? Sometimes it’s not but before deciding consider the ups and downs of both moving options.

Moving without Professional Help

Moving without hiring professionals definitely has its advantages. If you prefer to be in control, then grab your boxes and get to work. You can easily take care of boxing up your belongings, after all, it’s just a few items. There’s no reason to call in for some help. 

You can easily cart a couple of boxes to your car and into your new place. Don’t have a car? No problem, a few boxes will readily fit into the trunk of a taxi.

You can even Uber or Lyft if you want to. The rideshare platforms give you vehicle options, so just pick one with plenty of storage space. In other words, skip the economically-friendly options, which usually means a small vehicle without a lot of extra space.

A DIY move also means you have control over any fragile items since this way, you’re not in a constant state of panic worrying about something breaking. Here are a few other reasons why it can make sense to move a few items by yourself.


A move can be expensive, even if you’re only taking a few items. There’s the cost of hiring the movers and paying for insurance, though this is an option. Don’t forget about tipping. Your movers are going to expect a tip and this doesn’t mean a slice of cold pizza. They’re going to want cold, hard cash.

Before you know it, the estimated moving costs are through the roof. No matter how carefully you plan the move, it rarely costs what you expect. Somehow, it always ends up being more than you budgeted for.

Moving on Your Schedule

Chances are, your life is hectic. Even when you carefully plan your day something always seems to pop up. Creating a schedule weeks or even a month or so in advance never seems to quite work out. There’s always at least one change that blows your schedule apart. Now, try to fit a scheduled move into this mess. Talk about adding a lot of unnecessary stress.

A DIY move is on your schedule. No one’s waiting for you, tapping their feet impatiently. If you’re running late with professional movers, they’re probably charging you even if they’re just standing around. Run too late past the arranged moving time and you may end up paying without them moving a thing. Now, you’re out some money and still need to move to your new D.C. address.

If something pops up and you’re running an hour or so behind on a DIY move, no one cares but you. Yes, you may be moving later in the day than you planned but at least it’s not costing you money.

Packing Your Way

When it’s only a few items, who really cares how the boxes or even bags are packed? If it’s professional movers, they will care. However, this is an advantage of a DIY move. 

No one but you cares if a box isn’t completely closed or you’re using a plastic bag, which means you don’t need to grab packing tape to ensure a flap on the box doesn’t pop open. Since you’re only moving a few items, you can cram as much or as little as you want in the box.

The Perks of Using Professional Movers

Sometimes the thought of even moving a few items can send you into a panic. How are you going to find time to box up the items? What about finding a vehicle for the move? Who’s going to carry everything? If these and countless other questions are running through your head, it’s probably best to go with a professional moving service. Not sure if it’s the right option? Here are some things to think about.

No Heavy Lifting

When you think of a few items, it doesn’t necessarily mean things like your clothes and bathroom gear. A few items can be a couch or heavy metal bed frame. If this applies to your stuff, do you really want to lug it to your new address? How are you going to fit a couch in your car or a taxi? 

Even a rideshare platform with XL vehicles probably isn’t going to be able to handle your furniture. This is when it probably pays to hire a professional moving service. You may even be able to get a deal on a small move.

No Planning on Your End

Okay, there’s a little planning on your end like picking a moving date. Otherwise, the professionals take care of everything else. You give them your old and new addresses, and the professionals take it from there. They can even take care of planning where to park. Best of all, if a parking permit is necessary there’s a good chance the moving truck or van already has the sticker on its windshield.

This means you’re not standing in line waiting to apply for a temporary parking permit, and this alone can be worth the price of the move. If an unexpected problem pops up, and something usually happens during your move, the professionals are there to take care of any issues. This way, all that’s left for you to do is unpack your boxes.

Moving Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful

When considering a move, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of DIY versus professional moving services is crucial. 

Each option has its merits, depending on the complexity, distance, and personal circumstances of your move. Opting for a DIY move might seem cost-effective and gives you complete control over the packing and scheduling process. However, it requires a significant investment of time and effort, and you’ll need to handle all the heavy lifting and logistics yourself.

On the other hand, employing professional movers can alleviate much of the physical and mental stress associated with moving. Professionals bring expertise in safely packing, handling, and transporting your belongings, which is especially beneficial for long-distance moves or if you have valuable or bulky items. Although this option comes with a higher upfront cost, it often includes insurance to protect against loss or damage, providing peace of mind throughout the process.