Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Vermont

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Divorce proceedings in modern society are treated in different ways – with varying levels of critical assessment and different opinions. On the one hand, this phenomenon has become widespread and habitual is undoubtedly a sad event, counter to traditional family values.

However, everything is not so obvious because it is common for a person to seek a healthy relationship with a partner and, on the contrary, to rid themselves of toxic, codependent, and unhealthy relationships. And for these people, divorce and family law in the United States and Vermont state legislation is on their side.

Over time, legal processes associated with divorce have been reformed and transformed to protect the client’s interests. Thus, spouses filing for divorce today can apply legal instruments that simplify filing for divorce and manage the process in a do-it-yourself format.

Difficult, Long, Expensive: Why Do People Postpone Divorce?

Indeed, factors such as financial costs, the fear of uncomfortable communication, and the need to interact with the court and lawyers, can become substantial obstacles in the divorce proceedings. And often a reason to postpone it indefinitely. But, it is possible to avoid most of these items and spend less effort!

Convenient legal tools, which help prepare for divorce easier, are legitimate and used in all American states and counties, and Vermont is no exception. Both spouses, when filing a joint petition, or one of the spouses acting as a petitioner, can save time, money and even do without an attorney in managing their divorce.

A DIY divorce is the most acceptable and profitable format for many divorcing couples. Let’s consider the main distinguishing features of such divorce management and highlight the basic points that both the petitioner and the respondent should pay attention to when getting a divorce in Vermont.

Planning a DIY Divorce? Make Your Case Uncontested!

Trying to do without the services of divorce lawyers and manage your case yourself is a logical and healthy decision especially considering that attorneys are paid hourly and can be quite expensive, even if just assisting with paperwork or the negotiation process.

And in this aspect, qualifying a case as uncontested is a prerequisite for optimizing it towards simplification. Uncontested divorces are those in which both spouses agree that they want to dissolve their marriage. In most instances, uncontested divorces can be completed in a much shorter time than a traditional contested form.

A mutual pre-divorce agreement between the spouses is crucial for the case to proceed as uncontested. Such agreements often include decisions on the division and distribution of joint property, the payment of alimony and other financial obligations, child custody, and any other issues that could cause any debate, claims, or legal disputes in the future.

If even one of the clauses of this agreement causes conflicting opinions or doubts about the validity of a decision, the simplified format of your divorce proceedings will be in jeopardy. If the spouses fail to reach a mutual agreement, mediation may be recommended. It involves negotiating with the participation of a mediator.

Using Online Divorce Services and More Beneficial Options

The main advantage of an uncontested divorce is the opportunity to implement all stages of the divorce process without an attorney or other costly third-party service providers. The second main advantage is the ability to handle all the paperwork online. Both of these factors positively affect the process by making it faster and more affordable.

Dedicated online divorce paperwork preparatory services can be an excellent helper at the initial stage of preparation for filing for divorce. Finding and selecting the appropriate divorce documents that match your case in your county is often tedious and time-consuming.

Specialized websites and applications do not provide “one-click divorce over the internet” as an option. Still, they are ready to generate a full package of divorce papers for submission to court with the county clerk. For a moderate fixed fee, which is significantly less than the hourly fee for consulting a lawyer, the user receives the necessary papers generated based on the information they provide in an online questionnaire.

When filing for uncontested and no-fault divorce in Vermont, such web divorce services can be an excellent support for inexpensive but fast divorce document preparation. Usually, the required forms are provided to the user within two business days.

After receiving the finished paperwork, it is important to make copies of all divorce documents certified by a notary. If the situation requires it, copies of documents must be served to the second party. After filing for divorce in Vermont, there is a standard waiting period of six months for a final court resolution.