Disney Beat the Records This Year and More Great News for Disney Fans

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Everyone is talking about how the Disney studio has earned more than one billion dollars worldwide in the first six weeks of this year thanks to successful projects. Meanwhile, the Disney logo will be seen in other movies as Disney revealed plans for Toy Story 5. Speaking to the company’s investors, new Disney CEO Bob Eager confirmed the news.

The plot of a sequel is yet to be uncovered. The last animated film ended with Woody and Bo Peep deciding that now that their mission is complete, they should be apart from each other again. However, Buzz managed to convince Woody that their new baby, Bonnie, would do just fine without him. Woody gave his sheriff’s badge to Jesse and then became Bo’s “lost toy”.

In the animated movie, the group will somehow get back together, but it is still unknown why they will have to turn to each other for help this time. It is also possible that the new Toy Story will feature a completely new main character and Woody’s role will be minimal.

The company’s upcoming projects were also mentioned by Pixar’s creative director Pete Docter in an interview, sparking excitement among fans. Docter specifically discussed what to anticipate from the Inside Out and Toy Story sequels. He called Toy Story 5 “amazing” and said that the cartoon will have a couple of “cool things” that viewers have not seen before.

The fans will be glad to hear that the main voice actors who have given voices to the characters since the beginning of the franchise will return in the fifth part. It is already confirmed that not only Tom Hanks (Woody), but also Tim Allen (Buzz) will participate in the creation of the cartoon. There is no information about other participants yet.

When it comes to Inside Out 2, the Pixar director claimed to present a more genuine story with deeper emotion than the first animation. Inside Out 2 was announced by Pixar in September, while Toy Story 5 was confirmed this month. Among other things, Disney is working on new cartoons in the Zootopia and Frozen series.

Zootopia 2 has been in development for a long time. The first film was released in 2016, grossing over a billion dollars at the box office. Since then, only a collection of short films has appeared on Disney+ in November 2022.

The announcement of “Toy Story 5” was a bit of a surprise, though, since the fourth part, which was released in 2019 and collected mostly positive reviews, was positioned as the finale of the story. The spin-off “Buzz Lightyear” appeared last year, but failed to win the love of the public and recoup the budget.

The announcement of the three animated movies was made amid news that subscription service Disney+ has lost 2.4 million subscribers. Although in the home market and internationally in general, the base of paid subscribers of the service slightly increased over the reporting period, there was a reduction in India and Southeast Asia. The company cited the loss of rights to broadcast Indian Premier League cricket matches as the reason.

Individuals who do not have a Disney+ subscription often can still watch content from Disney channels on YouTube TV, which makes the YouTube logo even more recognizable. The partnership with YouTube is not the first Disney initiative to monetize its content online. Previously, Disney subsidiary ABC Television Group expanded content licensing agreements with Netflix and Amazon, under which they can offer popular TV shows and series to users. In addition, Netflix offers DVD rentals of Disney movies, and Amazon video service users can rent these movies online.