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Debt Consolidation Option for Multiple Auto Loan Holders

Multiple car loans do exist for some people when you have a few cars and two-wheelers in the family or the office. If each family member has their own vehicle, and they are all paying their auto loan EMIs for them, then you may bring relief to all of them at once by lowering the amounts they are paying every month. Debt consolidation can simply do this.

Again, if you have a few vehicles for your office, which were bought at different times and have all separate auto loan accounts where EMIs are paid every month in different dates, then you may bring them all together under one single loan through this process.

Why go for debt consolidation for vehicles?

The concept of debt consolidation has been a big hit worldwide for the several great features and benefits it comes with. Debt consolidation for automobiles has the following advantages:

  • A single consolidated loan relieves you from keeping track of several auto loans and their payment dates.
  • With a consolidated loan, you pay a lower rate of interest than the current auto loans.
  • You pay EMI only once in a month
  • Your credit record reflects only a single auto loan than the several previous loans
  • The tenure for loan repayment can be chosen to be longer by you, which will help you minimize the EMI amount as per your earnings to fit in your monthly expenses.
  • If you had earlier bad credit records, then with the proper repayment of the consolidated loan you can rebuild a better credit history and improve your credit score.

Where to get information about consolidated auto loans?

You can get information about consolidated auto loans from reliable debt consolidation finance companies and agencies that have multiple lenders in their association. There are websites of such companies, and some have their representatives or consultants. Hence you can get many options to try, and you may start your search online from one of the reliable websites. But before that, you need to arrange many things and check with yourself if you are the right candidate for getting a debt consolidation for your auto loans. Not all profiles fit into the category and hence many applications get rejected, sometimes for petty and sometimes for serious reasons. The following points below would help you evaluate your profile, and get ready for applying. You can learn more from about debt consolidation.


Collateral is that security which the lender would keep their rights on until you pay back the loan amount. And in case you cannot pay back and raise your hands, then the collateral can be auctioned or retained by the lender to collect the money for the outstanding amount.

Most loans are given on the basis of some security or collateral. And if you think you need to arrange something big for the consolidated loan, then you would be relieved to know that, in case of cars and vehicles, the vehicle itself serves as the collateral. Hence, you are already sorted here as long as you are the owner of the vehicle, and have the ownership papers for it, in case you have leased or rented it, the documentation would be different then.

Get your vehicles insured

If your vehicles are not insured, then you will not get a loan no matter what. To get a loan against them, you must get all of them insured. A lapse in insurance of even one vehicle would lead to rejection of your loan application. Insurance is a mandate in automobile loans, even when you are refinancing through debt consolidation.

Income proof

The proof of income is the next most important thing. If you do not show proof of enough earnings that indicates you can healthily payback the loan in EMIs, then you cannot get the approval. Also, you must show stability in your job or business. You must be in the job or business with a more or less stable income or earning range, and you need to furnish earning proofs for a minimum of 6 months.

Proof of residence

People who change their residence too often are not deemed eligible and secure clients for approving loans. If you don’t have the proof of staying at your current residence for at least six months, then you may not be deemed eligible by a lender. There arise too many non-payment and security issues with such cases, and hence lenders do not take such risks. To prove your eligibility, you must furnish at last six months of utility bills, like electricity, water, tax, etc., before the lender for proof of residency.

Credit history

Credit history is another very important factor in deciding your eligibility. If you had past records of failing payments and had been defaulter one or more times, then your credit score may have been affected. Both your credit score and credit history reflect how reliable a customer you would be. Hence you can take out your credit report from one of the trusted sources in your area, and have a look at it before you start applying.

Online applications

Online applications are the simplest and hassle free of all methods in applying for debt consolidation for your vehicles. That’s because it reduces labor and effort, minimizes traveling, and you may get approval without moving anywhere right from your computer desk. Hence this time saving safe process can be initiated at first to know the position of your profile.


Sorting financial issues perhaps is one of the few important things in life which brings life to rhythm, as you can then think about the other aspects of daily life and future responsibilities. Hence, the sooner you realize your financial situation and debts, and manage them all through such solutions of debt consolidation, the better it is for the long run, your creditworthiness, and wealth management.

You can always talk to experts available online for your auto loan debt consolidation issues, and tell your profile to check how eligible you are for availing this.

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