CPD Courses and their importance in Lawyers’ Careers

Image by CQF-avocat from Pixabay

In order to ensure that lawyers update their skills and knowledge and remain aware of advancements or legislative changes within the field of law, they are required to satisfy certain requirements regarding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year. This article will go through what CPD is and what lawyers need to do to complete it.

CPD is one of the most effective ways for a lawyer to improve their skills, which in turn will make them more effective (and employable) lawyers. Each year (from April 1st to March 31st), lawyers have to complete ten legal CPD training hours, with at least one unit in each of the following four areas: Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Practice Management & Business Skills, Professional Skills, and Substantive Law. The practice areas offered cover a large variety of specializations within the law field, such as migration, advocacy, banking and finance, health and aged care, property, sports, and wills and estates.

One of the benefits of the CPD requirements is that they can be fulfilled through a variety of ways, such as the seminars and workshops offered through Leo Cussen, publication of legal articles, or even postgraduate or private study. Lawyers are therefore able to fit CPD into their working lives in whatever way is most convenient for them.

While CPD has always traditionally been provided on a face-to-face basis, due to the wide-ranging effects of COVID-19, many CPD practitioners have taken to providing it online, with many courses now available as live-streamed seminars, workshops, intensives, and conferences, as well as pre-recorded webcasts which can then be accessed whenever and wherever you like. You’ll therefore have the ability to take notes and learn at your own pace, while still meeting your CPD requirements.

If you are looking to branch out into or change the field of law in which you currently operate, CPD is a great way to get a taste of what your new area might be like. At Leo Cussen, you also have the advantage of learning from industry experts, such as judges, barristers, academics, and registrars, giving you the best and most up-to-date training possible.

If you can’t decide exactly which courses you want to take, Leo Cussen makes it easier by offering a ’10-Point Webcast Package,’ which includes 10 one-hour webcast seminars across the four areas of Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Practice Management & Business Skills, Professional Skills, and Substantive Law.

To find out more about how completing CPD courses at Leo Cussen can enhance your career in law, visit their CPD website at Leo Cussen CPD.