Cole Carter’s Transition from Dominating Tech Start-Ups to Being the Next Big Name in Film Production

A curious child with many talents, Cole Carter spent his late teenage years learning about the latest developments in science and innovation. His passion for service to humanity led him to build several consecutive tech start-ups and a production studio.

A close-look pattern analysis of most successful entrepreneurs reveals that unusual alertness, a strong desire for achievement, and a propensity to take risks, connects them all. Louisiana native Cole Carter is one such energetic and purpose-driven gem who dropped out of college to realize a more worthy goal. Carter never competed for a labor market that valued human capital accumulated in college and rewarded formal degrees as signals of ability to land employment.

Cole Carter (Courtesy photo)

Deep rooting his foundation of knowledge

From a very young age, Cole focused all his time and energy to educate himself with technical skills. Alongside this, he focused on acquiring competencies, such as recognizing attractive entrepreneurial opportunities, planning, and prediction, obtaining new knowledge, and learning from experience. Never satisfied with his work, Cole always looked for opportunities to accelerate his personal growth, create better products, and devise exciting ways to make them more marketable.

In pursuit of his dreams

Away from the humdrum of classroom coaching, Cole left Louisiana for Los Angeles at the young age of 18. He took complete charge of his own life to serve himself better. To expand his start-up on data science that he founded back home, he needed to find a crew of like-minded people who could help him build his empire. The most differentiating factor of Carter was his insatiable curiosity to seek new information and connect the dots to derive business insights. He leveraged his business connections to gain industry insights, market trends, and new developments in technology. His love for travel, leaving his typical work environment, was a crucial factor in keeping his mind stimulated. At other times, he attended events, built relationships, and garnered new perspectives on life and business. At present, he strives to channelize every flash of inspiration to benefit his business.

From one to many tech start-ups to an enterprise of creative production

His unyielding passion for big dreams and goals helped him grow from establishing one to multiple tech start-ups in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. He also conceptualized and founded a film production company, Argonaut MG, within two years of moving to Los Angeles. Carter was a master of tapping into the free and useful knowledge available on the internet. This skill built the foundation for his future business ventures. Even his childhood passion for creating amateur videos with his father’s camera helped him while establishing his production company, Argonaut MG. He refers to it as a creative powerhouse with a unique style, aimed to launch films that will satisfy the viewers unconventionally. There are three films in the development stage, two in pre-production and a few projects in the pipeline to be produced for Netflix.

Carving out time to crave solitude

When interviewed on his inspiration behind his fountain of ideas, Cole’s response is bound to surprise his fans and followers. For a serial entrepreneur like Cole, hitting the ground running to execute and deliver results is more critical than a step-by-step business plan with long-term projections. But when it comes to discovering that ‘ah-ha!’ moment, he falls back to solitude and nature. During such times, he keeps himself disconnected from any advanced gadgets or high-tech tools. Cole visits his favorite spot in Iceland to stimulate his memory, concentration, learning, fire up his creative juices, and enhance divergent thinking.

Cole Carter is now on a mission to enhance human life quality through the application of updated technologies. At the same time, he puts his heart and soul into producing films that will allow his fellow beings to enjoy entertainment in unexpected ways.