CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Stress

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Stress and anxiety are our modern enemies, and statistics indicate that more than 18% of the US adult population deals with various anxiety disorders. CBD gummies have made their way to becoming one of the most popular solutions for experiencing relaxation and stress relief. Finding CBD gummies according to your needs shouldn’t be a problem these days,  CBDfx offers a variety of CBD products including delicious gummies. Additionally, you can pick between three different flavors and types of gummies, depending on your preference.

In this article, we are focusing on what makes these candies so special, and whether you should try them.

What Is the Difference Between Anxiety and Stress?

Unfortunately, anxiety and stress are part of who we are as humans. That is why you will experience both in your life, maybe without even realizing it. It is because anxiety and stress often come at different levels. Their severity is what can detriment your quality of life and compromise both physical health and well-being.

Anxiety and stress have similar symptoms. These include increased blood pressure, headache, uneasiness, sleep deprivation, etc. The key difference between the two is their point of origin.

You might be stressed because you have a huge task to complete at work and too little time to finish it. As the deadline gets closer, your stress levels might increase. However, once you complete the task, you should feel immediate relief. If you are constantly facing tight deadlines or other challenging activities, you might be dealing with chronic stress. That might require taking some time off and focusing on your recovery. You can start by ensuring you get enough sleep, as well as being physically active, meditating, and relaxing in any way that suits you.

Stress has an external origin, but anxiety comes with internal causes. The scientists define it as a constant feeling of tension, even if the situation is not threatening. You might continue feeling anxious about something even after the event has finished.

For example, you might be dealing with social anxiety, which causes problems in communicating with people or speaking in front of a crowd. Other types of anxiety include PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) phobias, panic disorder, etc.

Stress contributes to anxiety, and it is a frequent trigger of this disorder. Your brain works in a way to “remember” previous stressful situations so that it becomes better in anticipating any issues in the future. However, it forgets that you deserve proper rest, especially when there is no reason to worry about anything.

While you can consider tips to manage anxiety and stress, severe conditions might require proper medications. Apart from prescribed drugs, CBD gummies are a popular choice for dealing with anxiety and stress.

Is There Scientific Evidence of Using CBD for Anxiety and Stress?

User reports are nice to read, but does science support using CBD to treat anxiety and stress? The truth is that we could use more research on the topic, but the studies completed so far are encouraging.

When it comes to social anxiety, public speaking is the biggest problem, especially when that is a part of your job. A study conducted in 2011 confirmed that CBD could be useful in reducing anxiety in those who are afraid of public speaking. Furthermore, research conducted six years later showed that you don’t need to have an anxiety disorder to use cannabidiol as a way to relax and improve performance ahead of an important speech.

An interesting study was conducted on rodents in 2012. According to its results, rodents who received a CBD injection showed less fear and improved composure compared to those who didn’t receive cannabidiol. The test involved placing mice in the same cage with a dangerous snake boa constrictor.

A recent study that dates back to 2019 focused on the effectiveness of cannabidiol in treating sleep and anxiety problems. A team from Colorado prescribed CBD capsules to participants reporting these problems. The results were encouraging – 67% of those who participated reported they slept better, and 79% revealed that their anxiety issues decreased.

A randomized crossover study conducted in Great Britain in 2017 showed that CBD could help to put elevated blood pressure under control. Anxiety and stress can increase your blood pressure, which is why cannabidiol can be important to optimize its levels.

Why Would You Use CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Stress?

If you are willing to try CBD to deal with anxiety and stress, you might be wondering why gummies are the best choice. For starters, CBD gummies work like any other cannabidiol products, especially edibles. It interacts with your inner cannabinoid system to provide potential benefits.

Here is a list of reasons why CBD gummies are better than other ways of consuming cannabis-based products:

  • Easy to use – when the time comes for your CBD dose, all that you need to do is to put the gummy in your mouth and enjoy its flavor. No other preparation is required, which simplifies the process.

  • Convenient to carry around – you can put gummies in your pockets, gym, or work bags.

  • Discreet – if you have coworkers that love gossiping, you might want to restrain from vaping or using CBD sublingually. But if you use CBD gummies, nobody will even think that they might be infused with cannabidiol.

  • Exact dosage – you know the precise dose of CBD per candy. That way, you can keep track of your daily cannabidiol intake effortlessly.

  • It’s tasty – gummies are candies, which make them better-tasting than pure CBD oil by default. Additionally, you can pick from a variety of flavors, which gives you plenty of freedom to suit your preference.

  • Indulge your sweet tooth – if you are feeling like eating something sweet, CBD gummies can help with your craving while delivering multiple potential benefits.

If you happen to have green fingers and the state you are living in permits, you can try growing your cannabis plants to ensure you have a regular supply of this useful herb. For premium quality cannabis seeds make sure you buy from authentic sources.

The important thing is that you pick a reputable manufacturer that makes high-quality CBD gummies. It is crucial that the product contains broad-spectrum CBD, which has the highest purity. Also, you should ensure the THC quantity is under 0.3% to avoid any psychoactive properties of cannabis. Finally, the product should be free of artificial sweeteners and other harmful compounds.

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