Career opportunities for a Master in Mathematics

In the age of information that is rich in data, holding a master’s degree in mathematics can be a very rewarding thing. Mathematics is around us everywhere when we sleep, drive our car or walk from home to work. Whether you decide to get an online science degree in mathematics or by going to a university campus, it is something that not only adds value to your CV but it also opens up a lot of new job opportunities for you as well. Holding any type of master’s degree in any field can indeed open up new career pathways and you will be able to get a job that will have high pay and great benefits. However, with mathematics, it is even more rewarding. You might be asking yourself, what kind of job does a master in mathematics get you? Is it any good? Don’t worry as today we are going to share with you some job opportunities that you can apply for if you have completed a master’s in mathematics. Some of these job opportunities are listed as follows;

Operations Research Analyst

An operations research analyst uses different types of mathematical techniques and different types of mathematical models, like linear programming, that can help companies, organizations, and government agencies to work more efficiently and effectively. Linear programming is something that looks for accurate solutions, like higher profits, that are subject to certain limitations like limited manpower and inadequate supply. Usually, this kind of job requires you to work for technology firms, airlines, manufacturers or some government companies and organizations. These kinds of jobs usually require a master’s in mathematics, management sciences, economics, engineering, operations research or any type of field that may be related to it. You can apply for this job if you hold a master’s degree in mathematics and expect an average pay of around 78,000 dollars per year. These statistics were calculated by Us Bureau of Labor Statistics back in 2011.


A statistician is someone who uses certain types of mathematical and statistical techniques like standard deviation and regression analysis to interpret and analyze quantitative information and data. It is the job of a statistician to design, study what data is needed, collect the aforementioned data and then analyze it, followed by interpreting the results. If you hold a master’s degree in mathematics, with a focus on statistics, you can expect yourself to work in companies such as consulting and pharmaceutical firms. However, it was reported by the BLS that almost one-third of statisticians work for some type of government agency like the bureau of economic analysis or the BLS themselves. The average per year salary of a statistician is around 77,000 dollars per year.

Mathematics Teacher

This is probably the most common and easily available kind of job you can apply for if you hold a master’s degree in mathematics. You can apply either at secondary or at the college level. Teachers at the secondary level usually teach things like algebra and geometry. You can also teach college-level mathematics, but some universities and colleges require you to complete a Ph.D. in mathematics to teach at this level. However, this usually depends and varies from university to university. A secondary level mathematics teacher can expect to earn an average of around 56,000 dollars per year, however, this figure may vary due to the increasing demand for qualified mathematics teachers in many public schools. A college-level can earn an average of around 74,000 dollars per year.

Investment Analyst

People that have a master’s degree in mathematics will end up getting a job as an analyst, however, the field of analysis is very diverse. Due to the financial market getting more complex over time, you could consider applying for a job as an investment analyst. Many people are struggling to come to grips with the ever-changing financial market and an investment analyst can help them figure out patterns in the movement of stock prices, come up with effective strategies to help make the right investment decisions, or help them in figuring out how will the market react to a certain change in events. It is a very rewarding job and you can expect an average pay of around 80,000 dollars per year.


It is the job of an actuary to assess and analyze finances associated with different types of risks. They are mostly hired by insurance companies and help them, using statistical models and mathematical techniques, to develop certain policies that can minimize risks that can include industrial mishaps and the cost that is associated with such an accident. To apply for this type of job you need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, economics or any field related to it. However, good firms require you to have a master’s in such fields and will have good pay due to it. You also need to get accredited as a certified actuary before you consider applying for such a job or position. The average pay for an actuary is around  105,000 dollars per year. It is a more rewarding job, in case of pay, when compared to the above-mentioned job opportunities.

The Final Words

It is not an easy job to complete a master’s degree in mathematics, however, for the people who hold such a degree, the possibilities are endless for them. There are many firms and companies that need analysts, actuaries or statisticians to help them out with their financial well being. Not only will you be restricted to jobs at firms and companies, but you will also be able to work as a mathematics teacher and educate students. Today we have made you aware of some of the job opportunities you have if you hold a master’s degree in mathematics. It is a good idea that you consider these job opportunities.