Cannabis & Tech: 7 Marijuana Startups to Watch in 2019

When it comes to the ever evolving and changing world of cannabis technology, marijuana startups are stating to take their place of the market share of weed.

With over a dozen states legalizing cannabis in some form, cannabis shops are popping up fast. There are startups both online and offline selling cannabis products, researching cannabis, bringing weed lovers together, and creating weed technology.

Here are 7 marijuana startups to pay attention to in 2019.

1. Baker

Baker is a customer relationship management (CRM) and automation platform for the cannabis industry. The company connects over 1,000 marijuana dispensaries with their customers. Dispensaries from both America and Canada use Baker.

They are the leading CRM and not only help bring in customers, but give dispensaries the tools to keep their customers.


2. Eaze

Eaze is an online company that partners with dispensaries to give customers a wide array of products. You can find different strains, CBD oils, edibles and more on the site from dispensaries near you.

After placing an order, it’s delivered to your doorstep. Investors have given a total of $52 million to fund Eaze.

3. MassRoots

MassRoots is the place to be for the weed community. It’s a social media site that connects cannabis lovers with each other. Users can access the website on their phone or desktop.

Aside from acting as a social network, you can look up dispensaries and different strains. You can make posts and upload videos and pictures like Facebook and Twitter.

MassRoots is also a way for users to keep up with the dispensaries they buy from.

4. PotBotics

PotBotics uses scientific data to help patients find the right strain for them. They have information about each strain, the different cannabinoids, and the effects of a certain strain on people with certain ailments.

The PotBot app can give recommendations wherever you are. When you go to buy cannabis, it’s important to know what strain it is and how it could affect you. One strain may work as a treatment while another does nothing.

5. LeafLink

LeafLink is a B2B platform for retailers, dispensaries, and cannabis brands. The company connects these businesses together. For example, if a retailer was looking to sell KangerTech coils at their store, they could use LeafLink to connect with KangerTech.

LeafLink also offers useful management tools such as CRM, fulfillment and shipping queue tools, and reporting tools. Businesses can either pay for access to other businesses in every state or one state.

6. Green Bits

Green Bits is a management website for cannabis retailers. The platform is designed to help shop owners serve customers quickly and accurately.

With Green Bits, you can manage inventory, speed up checkout lines, track the product from seed to sale, and set sales limits.

7. Steep Hill Labs

Steep Hill Labs is a cannabis research company. They test and analyze the chemicals in different strains and products. The goal is to be more knowledgeable about cannabis strains and know which ones are safe to consume.

This research lab has created (and is still developing) QuantaCann, a device that only takes minutes to test cannabis strains. QuantaCann makes it easier to determine the contents of a strain and how safe it is.

Check Out These Marijuana Startups

These 7 marijuana startups aren’t just product sellers. Many of them offer management services for retailers and brands. This will help cannabis businesses and the industry grow.

Using research to choose a marijuana strain is an important tool for consumers. Lab testing adds to that research.

More growing startups, investors, researchers, and customers will certainly keep the cannabis industry booming. Even though it’s not legal in every state, it’s certainly not going anywhere.