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Behind the Scenes: Davide Panzeri AKA Trickshotdav 

Davide Panzeri, better known as Trickshotdav to his social media followers,lives to tell an interesting story. Since the late 80’s selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been among the world’s most widely prescribed medications. Antidepressants have been used to treat a wide variety of conditions that can range from depression to anxiety and other conditions. While these types of antidepressants are generally considered safe, side effects of varying degrees develop in some individuals. 

According to Panzeri, “I was working at the United Nations for a while, but I realized that my work wasn’t having a real-life impact. I invested and became a co-founder in Acadium, which provides free hands-on education to students worldwide. I scaled the company and we raised funds from SF as well as got accepted in one of the best accelerator programs.” Davide continues, “I took medication before starting my company for an anxiety disorder since my early 20s.” Having discovered that his medication is no longer working as it should, Panzeri sought medical advice. At a much later stage, the entertainer was diagnosed with akathisia.. 

What causes akathisia?

Akathisia is a movement disorder that makes it hard for affected persons to stay still. In an article written by Stephanie Watson, medically reviewed by Timothy, J. Legg, Ph.D., one can read that:”Akathisia is a side effect of older, first-generation antipsychotic drugs used to treat mental health conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but it can also occur with newer antipsychotics as well. Between 20 and 75 percent of people who take these medicines have this side effect, especially in the first few weeks after they start treatment.”

Other medications that can bring on the condition include antidepressants and drugs that are used to prevent nausea and vomiting. Medical experts are not quite sure why these medications have this particular side effect, but it is suspected that they may block chemicals like dopamine. In parts of the brain that controls movement dopamine plays a vital role in muscle control. 

Apart from medication, certain health conditions like Parkinson’s disease and brain injury can lead to akathisia developing as well. 

Power of the Mind

“I slowly got off antidepressants and I am still recovering. I now do trick shots to distract myself and to inspire others that anything is possible as long as we don’t give up. What began as therapy is now my new career,” Davide shared. Joining the ranks of Trickshot Titus and Slinky Josh, Trickshotdav wows his viewers with an impressive display of complex trickshots. Born on the 11th of December 1988, this Italian has the formula down pat for entertaining his audience, even attracting the attention of Red Bull, Fortnite, Pringles, Big Brother Canada, and TikTok itself. The social media platform approached Davide to do a special live show after he hosted a live show that went viral. 

In a recent interview, the groundbreaking trickshotter notes that he’s been featured on SportsCenter in Canada. “I went on TV in Italy, Japan, and many other places.” He continued, “Red Bull was asking for the best half-court shot to be featured. Most people were submitting shots with one ball, so I submitted my double-ball tricks. They loved it. They told me about this court they built in Rome for the community and that they would love for me to inaugurate it with trick shots.” 

Impossible is in our Minds

An astutely positive individual, Panzeri lives by the words: “impossible is in our minds.” The trickshotter explains: “I had a beautiful life, money, fast cars, beautiful women, a great company, amazing friends…then I lost it all. I was overprescribed medications for an anxiety condition, which wasn’t even that bad and I had an adverse reaction which almost killed me. I am still recovering and now I do trick shots to distract myself and inspire others that anything is possible as long as we don’t give up.” 

Panzeri learned to pick himself up from rock bottom. Through trick shots, he openly displays to the world that failing only results in failure once you stop trying. Having honed his skill through a number of training methods, Panzeri is nimble enough to juggle basketballs with his hands and feet. According to Davide, he,“tell(s) a story of not giving up regardless of how hard things are, and the conditions we are fighting.” 

The Takeaway

With the improved mental clarity that his focussed attention on trick shots brought about, Panzeri has made great efforts in becoming stronger in mind and body. Being keenly aware that nutrition plays a key part in mental and physical ability the trickshotter takes extra precaution in this regard. Trickshotdav hopes to continue his work with brands like Red Bull in order to give community basketball courts and playing areas the much-needed attention they deserve. 

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