Baltimore Gay Pride brings out a rainbow of fashion

You might not know this — last week (June 16 and 17) was Baltimore Gay Pride. Participants found much to celebrate as the event fell shortly after President Barack Obama announced his support for gay marriage.

This was my first year attending and I can say with all confidence that it did not disappoint.

Robin decked out without Batman.

Day One brought with it the pride parade on Charles and Eager streets. There were lots of vendors, fun booths and activities. Everyone, including me, had a blast.

The overall feeling was so great and comfortable because it’s OK to be yourself and enjoy the amazing day. I was working the event and had the pleasure of getting to see all the wild, amazing, bold and colorful fashion statements throughout the two days.

He’s not covered in body paint but it actually was ink.

There was everything under the sun, from a guy with blue contacts to a man covered in blue and black tattoos.  The crowd sported lots of heels, wings, wigs, glitter and bubbles. I love bubbles – something so magical about them. Pride is just a beautiful rainbow assortment of people, fashion and love — and some animals too.

I personally love rainbow things for lots of reasons. It’s so its fun seeing all the different creative rainbow attire. I saw everything rainbow over the weekend, including but not limited to many assortments of rainbow tights, sunglasses, suspenders, dog collars and beer cozies. Any kind of rainbow design you can imagine was probably there.

Day two events were at Druid Hill Park. It was a really nice set up. There were more vendors and activities. The day started earlier and there were lots more dogs and families. Kids were having the time of their life on the moon bounce and getting their faces painted.

The karaoke at the booth I was working proved to be a crowd pleaser. There were some great performances and wonderfully appropriate song choices — for example Katie Perry’s “I kissed a girl.”

I was impressed with the whole event — it had a great turnout and I hope to attend again next year. It was really nice to spend some time in the city and get inspired by the Baltimore style!